China in August: Weather, Top Places to Visit & Travel Tips

Although August is the last month of summer, most parts of China are still in heatwave mode on the first half of August, the weather is still relatively hot. Until the middle and late August, the weather will gradually turn cool. Get out there and stunt while there's still a little summer left! Check the detailed climate, temperature and weather tips in China in August and inspire yourself by checking the top 10 destinations for summer vacation in China in August and plan your China summer tour in 2024.

China Temperature in August Click to Enlarge China Temperatures in August

Weather, Temperature & What to Wear in China in August

In August, the national average temperature is 20.6°C. Temperatures are still high in most parts of the country, except in the northeast and western plateau areas. In Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha and Chongqing, the average daily temperature is likely to exceed 35°C. In late August, most parts of central and western China, except Xinjiang, will see temperatures gradually drop, with the average daily temperature below 20°C. The national average precipitation in August is 101.4 mm, mainly concentrated in the northeastern, central-eastern, eastern and southern regions of China. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the southern part of Xinjiang and the western part of Inner Mongolia have less precipitation. Most of the precipitation in August is in the form of showers, which come and go quickly. The temperature may drop a little bit after the rain.

What to Wear - It is recommended to wear cotton and linen fabric shirts, thin dresses, thin shirts and other cool and breathable clothes in August. For those who are planning to visit northeast China, northwest China and high altitude areas like Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, West Sichuan, etc. can take a thin coat with you and sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are essential for traveling to high altitude areas in July. You'd better take an umbrella when you go out in August in case of sudden rainstorms. At the same time, drink more water and pay attention to avoid heatstroke. Mosquitoes are more common in summer, so take a mosquito repellent just in case.

(Notice: Summer vacation in China is usually in July and August, about 50 days.)

Area Cities
Weather & Climate
Northern China Beijing, Xian (Shaanxi), Shandong, Luoyang (Henan), Pingyao (Shanxi) and other places Temperature: 24°C~35°C
Rainy Days: 8-10 Days
Rainy, Cloudy and Hot: Northern China is mainly in the temperate climate zone with monsoon and continental climate. The temperature difference between day and night is around 10℃. There are more rainy days in the coastal areas and less inland. Overall, more than half of August is cloudy and rainy in Northeast China.
Eastern China Shanghai, Huangshan (Anhui), Hangzhou (Zhejiang), Suzhou (Jiangsu), Nanjing and other places Temperature: 27°C~35°C
Rainy Days: 11-13 Days
Rainy, Cloudy, Damp and Hot: Most of southeast China belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone. The average temperature of cities in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River doesn't differ much, with an average temperature around 31°C. Sunny days are less and most of the time it is cloudy and rainy. Travelers are suggested to bring rain gear when visiting the area and drink more water to prevent heatstroke. Coastal areas of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces may be affected by the typhoon in August.
Southern China Guilin (Guangxi), Zhangjiajie (Hunan) and other places Temperature: 26°C~35°C
Rainy Days: 10-13 Days
Rainy, Cloudy, Damp and Hot: Both Guilin and Zhangjiajie have a subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. Summer in Guilin and Zhangjiajie is hot and sunny and the rainfall is abundant. In July, the main precipitation forms in Guilin are moderate rain, heavy rain or torrential rain. Compared with Guilin, Zhangjiajie has more sunny days in August, about 8-10 days.
Southwestern China Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places Temperature: 16°C~32°C
Rainy Days: over 15 Days
Moderate, Rainy and Damp: Most areas of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces belong to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, while the higher altitude areas belong to the alpine plateau climate zone. The average temperatures in Chongqing, Chengdu and east Sichuan are pretty much the same from 23°C to 32°C. Guizhou and Yunnan are the top two provinces to escape summer heat with the average temperature from 18°C to 26°C in August. The Western Sichuan Plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau are both high altitude areas with an average temperature of 8°C~21°C. Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou all have heavy rainfall in August, hardly to meet a sunny day. An umbrella is a must for tourists who are planning to visit here.
Northwestern China Gansu, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other places Temperature: 18°C~29°C
Rainy Days: 5-9 Days
Relatively Clear, Dry, Windy and Sandy: Most of the provinces and cities in this region are in the temperate continental climate zone. This area is deep inland. The climate in August is characterized by moderate precipitation, sunny days, heavy wind and sand, and strong ultraviolet. If you have the intention to visit the deserts, gobi and other places, it is recommended to bring sunblocks, sunglasses, dusk masks and other dust prevention stuff.
Southern Coastal China Hong Kong, Guangzhou (Guangdong), Shenzhen, Macau, Hainan, Xiamen and other places Temperature: 27°C~33°C
Rainy Days: about 10 Days
Hot and Wet: Most of the region belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, partially belonging to the tropical monsoon climate zone. The temperature is generally high in August, but lower than in July, and there is less rain, mostly in the form of moderate rain, heavy rain or thunderstorms. Fujian provinces and Taiwan may be affected by typhoons in August.
Northeastern China Harbin (Heilongjiang), Jilin, Shenyang (Liaoning) and other places Temperature: 18°C~28°C
Rainy Days: 7-12 Days
Warm in Day and Cool in Night: Most of Northeast China belongs to the temperate monsoon climate zone. The summer is warm and rainy. Precipitation usually occurs in the form of showers or thundershowers.
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Qinghai, Tibet Temperature: 12°C~25°C
Rainy Days: over 15 Days
Most areas of Qinghai and Tibet are located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which belongs to the plateau mountain climate zone. In August, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau rainfall is more frequent, mainly light rain and moderate rain. Remember to take an umbrella when you go out.
Inner-Mongolia Inner Mongolia Temperature: 16°C~28°C
Rainy Days: 11 Days
Moderate and Humid: Inner Mongolia has a wide range of regions, most of which belong to the temperate continental climate. The east and northeast part are mostly grasslands, while the west part is mostly deserts and gobis. In August, precipitation is evenly distributed.

Places to Visit in August: Top Destinations & Highlights in China in August

August is coming, in such a hot day like a fire, it is hard to avoid making people feel annoyed. Having lived in a noisy and irritable city for a long time, it is better to temporarily escape from the heavy traffic in the city, go to nature to find a quiet and peaceful summer resort. The terraces, flower seas, desert and the beach are welcoming you in their best look. Check the top 10 destinations in China in August and start your China summer tour in August 2024!

No.1 : Dali, Lijiang & Kunming

- Have a Classic Yunnan Explore Journey

• Temperature: 18°C-26°C

To enrich your Yunnan travel experience, you are highly recommended to do as the others to enjoy a classic week long vacation in Yunnan to visit Kunming, Lijaing and Dali. Since most travelers would land in Kunming first and it is a good idea to spend one or two days there visiting the incredible Stone Forest, overlooking Dian Lake from Dragon Gate of Western Hill, viewing local people’s daily life at Green Lake Park... Then with a high speed train to Dali for about 1.5 days’ exploration to catch all the essences of Dali. Transfer to Lijiang to meet the famous Lijiang Old Town and learn about the mysterious Dongba culture within 2 days.

Dali is located in the combination of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Hengduan Mountains. The mountainous Cangshan and the vast and clear Erhai form a magnificent picture scroll of lake reflecting the mountain and mountain snow lining the moon scenery. Going to Dali in August, you can not only take a boat ride on Erhai Lake, feel the immensity of heaven and earth. You can also choose to savor the city from the historical and cultural perspective, visit the sacred Jizu Mountain, listen to the croon of the Brahman, and see the light of the Buddha shine; Look for the solidified history of Dali under the three pagodas of Chongsheng Temple; there are also more than 25 ethnic minorities such as Bai, Yi, Hui, Tibetan, Lisu and Naxi who live scattered in the ancient city of Dali, Xizhou, Nuodeng and other ancient villages and towns. Tourists may find the charm of ethnic minorities in folk art such as tie-dye and local snacks such as Er Kuai.

China in August Lizi Yuanqing China in August Three Pagodas and Its Reflection

No.2: Guiyang & Fanjingshan

- Spend a Cool Summer in “Cool” Guizhou

• Temperature: 20°C-28°C

Guizhou is the best place to escape the heat in summer. Rainfall is abundant and the rivers are swelling, making it the best time to experience all kinds of paddling activities. The cool of Guiyang lies in the cool of summer, the refreshing of wetland, the masterpieces of Karst landscape, and the sour and hot taste of local snacks. There is no must-go scenic spot in Guiyang. For most travelers, Guiyang is often used as a stopover on their journey to mountains, waterfalls or minority villages in Guizhou Province.

Fanjingshan is another good choice to visit in Guizhou in August. Located in the east part of Guizhou province, Fanjing Mountain, named after the "Pure Land Createdbv Nature", is a famous Maitreya Bodhisattva Ashram and a famous summer resort mountain in China. The Golden Top on Fanjing Mountain has the best view of grotesque rocks, sky wind, cloud sea, and Buddhist light. Tourists often come across strange trees and wonderful springs when they go up or down the mountain. If there is a predestined relationship, visitors may also have a chance to see rare birds, exotic animals in the forest or along the stream banks.

Don't think flower sea is only for spring. Every August to September during the flowering period, the mountainside of Jiucaiping in Axilixi (阿西里西) will be transformed into a purple sea of flowers, and under the ornament of a white windmill, it is like a fantasy dream in animation. Continuous mountains and winding roads constitute a wild interest in the scenery. The Sunrise over the Sea of Clouds in the scenic area is the best place to watch and photograph the extraordinary sunrise. If lucky, you may see the sun rising between a sea of clouds and a sea of flowers.

China in August Mount Fanjing in Tongren Guizhou China in August Axilixi near Guiyang in August

No.3: Hulunbuir (Inner Mongolia)

- Magnificent Grasslands with Blooming Greenery

• Temperature: 16°C-28°C

Every year in July, Hulunbuir Grassland in Inner Mongolia is lush with grass. When riding a horse or walking on the grassland under the azure sky and cotton candy-like clouds, you can feel the fragrance of grass and soil in the breeze. The grass was luxuriant and wild flowers were in full bloom, red, purple and yellow in every color of the rainbow, stars-like dotted on the vast grassland, perfect to paint a splash of color in green.

The grass under the blue sky is more verdant. As far as the eye can see, only the blue of the sky and the green of the grass fill the place, stitched together in the distant skyline, plus the white clouds in the sky and flocks of cattle and sheep on the ground, blue and green collide with each other to bring out the best summer scenery of grassland.

China in August Hulunbuir Grassland in August

No.4: Emei Mountain

- Climb on the Golden Summit to Appreciate the Rolling Cloud Sea

• Temperature: 24°C-32°C, 12°C-18°C on the mountain top

People always say that Mount Emei is a holy Buddhist mountain. She is so beautiful and clear, showing its delicate posture between the sea of clouds and waves of fog. The murmur of the Brahma was always with her. It echoed through the clouds and fog, over the mountains and in the human heart, giving tourists peace and quiet.

Located at the second peak of Mount Emei, The Golden Summit is the place where the temples and scenic spots are most concentrated and the essence of Mount Emei lies. Here you can not only enjoy the sea of clouds and sunrise, but also worship the world's highest golden Buddha - the holy statue of Pu Xian in all directions. Standing on the golden summit of Mount Emei, you can have a panoramic view of the Chengdu Plain, and on fine days you may also have a chance to see the snow-capped Gongga Mountain.

China in August Golden Summit in Summer

No.5: Dunhuang

- A Vibrant Desert Oasis

• Temperature: 18°C-30°C

A curved spring, ripples hover, green as jade. Spring in quicksand, drought but will never dry up, the wind blowing sand does not fall, what a spectacular desert view. Visit Dunhuang in August. There are lush trees along the Echoing Sand Hill and Crescent Moon Spring. With fine yellow sand and green trees surrounded the spring. What you can feel is the vitality of the Silk Road. Without the depression of the desert, the sunrise and sunset render this scene more romantic.

Moreover, Mogao Grottoes (Mogao Caves), also named “Thousand Buddha Caves”, which is regarded as the most valuable discovery in the 20th century, is also an unmissable highlight in your Dunhuang tour.

China in August Visit Crescent Lake in Summer

No.6: Qingdao

- Qingdao Beer Festival and Catch the Tail of Summer at the Seaside

• Temperature: 25°C-30°C

Qingdao, a tourist resort city with beautiful seaside scenery, has a mild climate all year round. The most suitable period for tourism is from March to October, especially in late August, when the sea is warm and it is the golden season to go to the beach and swim in the water. The climate in Qingdao at this time is very comfortable, very suitable for vacation. Besides the landscape architecture that can be seen all year round, Qingdao will also have a grand beer festival in August. If you like to drink beer, don’t miss Qingdao in August, feel the different enthusiasm. During the festival, there are beers from all over the world, various celebration activities and all kinds of snacks, such as crayfish and sea food, etc.

China in August Qingdao Ganbei (Cheers) with the World

No.7: Moganshan, Anji (Huzhou)

- Summer Resorts near Shanghai and Hangzhou

• Temperature: 26°C-34°C

The temperature in the counties and cities of Ningbo-Shaoxing Plain broke through 40°C in August. If you want to find a place for summer vacation in east China, Huzhou in Zhejiang, with Moganshan and Anji, would be a good choice.

In the mountains, where bamboo swaying and streams gurgling, hiding the most exotic way of vacation. Old houses scattered in the mountains left by European and American merchants more than 100 years ago have been transformed into boutique inns, cafes or bars. The farmhouse at the foot of the mountain is transformed into a creative studio or a western restaurant. High-end resorts, on the other hand, promote a low-carbon, minimalist philosophy that encourages guests to forget the modern lifestyle. The high cost of food and accommodation does not stop tourists coming in a continuous stream. The scenic spots such as the Sword Pool and Dakeng are no longer the main attractions, but novel experiences such as searching for fireflies along the stream, storing water and boiling tea by the mountain spring, and cycling on the winding mountain paths are the reasons for people to come here.

If you want to meet the scenery with more summer characteristics, bamboo sea, the most beautiful landscape with southern China characteristics, must be on your travel list. Anji, known as the "Bamboo Town of China", almost every scenic spot here has something to do with bamboo. Visit here in August, Anji is not only becoming a greenery sea, but also a natural oxygen bar and perfect summer resort. You may also visit Yunshang Caoyuan to enjoy eyeful of green with mists and had best fun with diverse thrilling outdoor activities like glass bridge walking, cliff climbing...

China in August The Naked Castle (Moganshan) China in August Anji in Summer

No.8: Beihai (Guangxi)

- Cycling along the Most Beautiful Island and Enjoy the Intoxicate Seawind and Stunning Sunset

• Temperature: 27°C-33°C

A beautiful tourist city with subtropical scenery. Beihai Silver Beach is the most famous tourist attraction in Beihai, also known as the first beach in China. Beihai silver beach, with long flat beach, fine white sand, warm clean water, soft and gentle waves and no sharks, is the most ideal beach resort and perfect marine sports site in south China.

Laojie, Undersea World and Weizhou Island in Beihai are all very good places to visit, especially Weizhou island, one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. The island has also built a variety of entertainment facilities. It is an excellent place for exploring islands, fishing on the sea, picking up shellfish at the beach. Moreover, cycling around the island is another popular way to explore the island. Renting a bicycle and taking in the sights is very pleasant.

China in August Weizhou Island Photography

No.9: Enshi (Hubei)

- A Gift of Nature and Idyllic World Hidden in the Mountains

• Temperature: 25°C-30°C

Enshi has been named the most beautiful wonderland in China by CNN and the most beautiful place in China by National Geographic. Because of the special geographical location in Enshi, the average temperature in summer is still about 26 degrees, which makes it very suitable for summer vacation.

The stilted buildings of Tujia, the wind-rain bridges in Dong villages, and the (Nv’er) Girls Festival in July and August make this place colorful; The beautiful landscape, the endless tea garden, and the magnificent cliffs make this place more exuberant and heroic. When you set foot on this land, you may be lost in the beautiful canyon scenery, fall in love with the landscape here, or be fascinated by the ancient and mysterious Tusi culture. Enshi, as the name suggests, has been endowed by nature with a beautiful face. Hidden in the mountains, she is waiting for people to uncover her veil.

China in August Enshi Shiziguan in Summer

No.10: Wuyi Mountain (Fujian)

- World Natural and Cultural Heritage

• Temperature: 25°C-35°C

Wuyi Mountain, a treasure of mountains and rivers in eastern Jiangxi and western Fujian, has been awarded the World Natural and Cultural Heritage for its typical Danxia landform, the hauntingly Jiuqu River, and the mysterious ancient Minyue culture.

Taking a primitive and leggiere bamboo raft and floating down the stream, visitors can not only feast their eyes with the natural scenery of mahogany mountains and emerald rivers, meet mysterious hanging boat coffins along the banks of the river, admire the over 2000-year-old Han Dynasty Anceint Ruins and the academy where Zhuxi lectured for 10 years, but also appreciate poetry painting like Guilin and enjoy the breathtaking excitement of Baisheng Benchland.

Best Wuyi Mountain Tour: ☛ 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

China in August Rafting on the Nine Bend Stream

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