Why Visiting the Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang?

Black Dragon Pool (黑龙潭) is located 1km north of Lijiang Old Town at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain. If you plan a trip to Lijiang Old Town, the Black Dragon Pool Park is the place you can’t miss for it is the best place to overlook and take photos of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Black Dragon Pool is also the water source of Lijiang Old Town, the spring water is clear like a jade. When the weather is fine, you may appreciate the beautiful sight integrating pure water, snow mountain and azure sky.

Beside the amazing natural scenery, Black Dragon Pool also has the most concentrated national-level culture relics in Lijiang. Wandering around the park, you may see numerous ancient architectures built in Ming or Qing Dynasty. There are two wonders to appreciate in the park, one is the two-never-blend-pool, the other is the 3 Unique Trees from different dynasties.

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Top Attractions and Highlights in Black Dragon Pool

Two Pools in Black Dragon Pool Park

There are two pools in the park, one deep and one shallow. The deep one is Black Dragon Pool, also known as Clear Pool (清水潭). The pool is a rounded pool about 15 meters deep, covering an area of 600 square meters. Clear spring gushed from the bottom of the pool. It’s a perfect place to appreciate the inverted image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Shallow pool is located in the northeast of the deep pool. The color of the water presents yellowish, therefore the pool also being called the Turbid Pool (浑水潭). The Turbid Pool covers an area of 2600 square meters and 0.5 meters deep. Just a few step away, the water in Black Dragon Pool is totally different from the Turbid Pool. The color is distinct, one clear and one turbid, just like a Yin-yang Taiji diagram in Taoism.

Black Dragon Palace (黑龙宫)

The ancient architecture group close to the edge of the Black Dragon Pool is called "Black Dragon Palace", commonly known as Xiaguan Scenic Area. The Black Dragon Palace was first built in 1394, the palace is simple and elegant, dense of trees planted in the courtyard, and the main hall dedicated to the Dragon King and the side hall worship other aquatic noble people.

3 Unique Trees (三异木)

The park is also famous for the 3 old trees planted at the front of Beiji Hall in different dynasties - plum trees in the east from Tang Dynasty, cypresses in the middle from Song Dynasty and tea trees in the west from Ming Dynasty. A famous Chinese writer Mr. Moruo Guo had once written a poem to prise the beauty of the three trees in 1961 when he visited the Black Dragon Pool Park.

Black Dragon Pool Park Black Dragon Pool Park
Black Dragon Palace Our Guests Take a Photo with Black Dragon Palace

Red Maple Forest (红枫林区)

In 1997, in order to commemorate the "Return of Hong Kong", the park built a memorial maple forest. The forest covers an area of 2 hectares, planted more than 2000 red maple trees, and erected a stone monument there. Every year during the late autumn, the red leaves sway in the wind, dress the mountain in beautiful color.

Azalea Valley (杜鹃谷景区)

The Azalea Valley is close to the Fruit-plum Area, located in the valley to the north of the "Dragon Spring Plum Area (龙泉探梅)". It covers an area of 8 hectares, with more than 100,000 azalea planted. Before and after the Qingming festival, the mountains and gullies are carpeted with rhododendrons, presenting fairyland scenery of flower Sea.

Dingfeng Tower (定风塔)

Dingfeng Tower, also known as Wenbi Tower, is a seven-layer octagonal thick eaves and solid tower. Dingfeng Tower was built in the Ming dynasty, and restored in Qing Dynasty in 1852. The dolomite body of the seven-layer tower carved exquisitely and with a elegant shape. Not only four god names of Taoist are engraved on the tower, but also some Taoist scriptures.

Black Dragon Palace Beautiful Scenery in Black Dragon Pool Park
Two Pools in the Park Our Guests Enjoy Happy Time at Black Dragon Pool Park

Attractions nearby Black Dragon Pool

Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old Town is a well-preserved ancient town for Naxi ethnic group. It is one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China. The old streets are the network of the old town, flowing water is the blood, the bars and shops are the temperament and the Naxi folk customs are culture are the soul of Lijiang Old Town. You can not only explore the amazing ancient town with hundred years’ history, but also experience the spirit and feel romantic, relaxing charm of the town without city walls.

Mu’s Residence (木府)

Tusi Mu was under the ruler of Naxi Ethnic Group during Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. In the heyday of Tusi Mu, it was consisted of 100 buildings. Hence, there is a saying “there is Forbidden City in the North, Mu’s Residence in the south”. Mu’s Residence was called the miniature Forbidden City. Looked from a far distance, it likes a grand imperial palace and it is famous for the grandness and architectural buildings. Wandering inside Mu’s residence, you can visit Zhongyi Hall, Yi Gate, Wanjuan Tower, Hufa Hall, Guangbi Hall, Yuyin Hall, Sanqing Hall, Corridor, etc.

Dongba Culture Museum (东巴文化博物馆)

Dongba Culture Museum is located in the north of Black Dragon Pool Park, also known as Lijiang City Museum. The museum has 52 state-level cultural relics and more than 12,000 cultural relics, including ancient paintings and calligraphy, revolutionary cultural relics, Dongba scriptures, Religious articles etc. The museum contains Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall, Rare and Precious Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall, Dongba Cultural Center and National customs photography exhibition hall etc.

Lijiang Old Town Lijiang Old Town
Mu’s Residence Mu’s Residence

How to Get to Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool is located 1km north of Lijiang Old Town. Travelers who want to tour Black Dragon Pool Park would get to Lijiang Old Town first. Lijiang Old Town can easily reach by car, it is about 29km from Lijiang Sanyi Airport, 8km from Lijiang Railway Station and 7km from Lijiang East Railway Station.

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If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can travel with us China Discovery. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Black Dragon Pool from your hotel or any other places in Lijiang with speed, convenience and safety by the comfortable licensed private vehicle, provide you the best travel experience and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing. Please tell us directly if you need any help!

From Lijiang Old Town to Black Dragon Pool

From the center of Lijiang Old Town - Sifang Street to the Black Dragon Pool is only about 2.2km. The best way to get to the Black Dragon Pool from Lijiang Old Town is by walking, takes less than 30mins and you can also navigate the old town on you way there.

Black Dragon Pool Transportation Map Click to Enlarge Black Dragon Pool Transportation Map

Useful Tips for Traveling Black Dragon Pool

1. About Tickets

There is no ticket in Black Dragon Pool Park, the park is free of charge, however, you need to show the receipt for the maintenance of Lijiang Old Town at the entrance of the park So do remember to keep the receipts well and take it with you when you go to the park, otherwise you might be asked to pay the maintenance fee again.

2. Weather and Best Time to Visit

The Black Dragon Pool is only 2.2km from Lijiang Old Town, therefore the climate and temperature is same as Lijiang Old Town. For details, please visit Lijiang Weather | Best time to Visit.

Black Dragon Pool Park is suitable to visit all year around, you can enjoy the blossom of azalea in spring, leave behind the hustle and bustle tourist hot spots and enjoy the quiet and pleasant hour in the cool resort in summer. In autumn, the mountain is covered by burning red maples tempting countless number of visitors. In winter, when the sky is clear, weather is fine; it would be the perfect time to take a photo of the inverted image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at Black Dragon Pool.

3. Best Shooting Time

Black Dragon Pool is the best place to take pictures of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is best to take pictures in the early morning or late afternoon, the times when the lights is best.

How to Plan a Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Tour

Balck Dragon Pool is a small scenic spot near Lijaing Old Town, visitors can tour the whole place within 2 hours, and therefore most tourists would tour the Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang Old Town, Mu’s Residence and Dongba Culture Museum within a day. Then they might continue their trip to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe Old Town, Dongba mural paintings, etc. for 1-2 days. Besides, if you are fond of the emerald alpine lake and mysterious matriarchal society culture of Mosuo ethnic culture, you can plan another 2-3 days at Lugu Lake to enjoy more peaceful holiday time!

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Quite a lot of visitors prefer travel Lijiang with Shangri-La where to seek the pure holy sceneries and Tibetan belief to catch the best essence of Yunnan province, which usually needs 5-6 days with best visits to Tiger Leaping Gorge with a memorable trekking experience, Sumtseling Monastery, Pudacuo National Forest Park, and more.

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Furthermore, actually most travelers arrange Lijiang city as a part of their Yunnan travel to visit more top destinations in one go, such as Kunming famous as Spring City and convenient province capital, Dali with profound Dali Old Town and splendid Erhai Lake, Yuanyang with terrific rice terraces, Xishuangbanna with exciting tropical flavor and Dai ethnic dances, etc., which usually needs 6-15 days based on your exploration depth!

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Dongba Culture Museum Lugu Lake
Shangri-La in Yunnan Shangri-La
Kunming Stone Forest Kunming Stone Forest in Yunnan

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