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Short China Trips – in a week to explore the bests

With limited time, a short stay China tour is an ideal choice for you to eagerly experience China's most popular destinations with less money. Beijing is usually chosen by most people to take a short stay around China. From here, there are many classic itineraries to Shanghai, Xian, Yangtze River, Tibet, etc.

Besides, there are many interesting side trips designed for you, like Guilin features in the finest scenery in China. Chengdu, the home of Panda endows abundant tourism resources and delicious food. Another famous destination Yunnan is also a great place for short stay with spectacular ethnic culture and villages awaiting you to explore.

If you have trouble in combining them into a single trip, don't worry, China Discovery offers you a list of multiple choices. Learn more about China City Tours.

Top Short China Tours Chosen by Travelers

1Beijing Xian
Intrigued by the history of China's tremendous past, then never miss the two ancient capital cities.
Beijing Xian Tour
2Beijing Shanghai
Two world famous metropolises but with unique character and atmosphere: the ancient and future heart of China.
Beijing Shanghai Tours
3Shanghai Xian
Visit Xian and Shanghai to travel from ancient past to the future of China! A huge contrast you'll encounter!
Shanghai Xian Tours
4Shanghai Yangtze
A"time machine" shows you China’s past, present and future, also the most relaxing way to travel in China.
Shanghai Yangtze Tours
5Hong Kong Guilin
Shopper’s Paradise and the Heaven of natural beauty-obtain both material and spiritual satisfaction.
Hong Kong Guilin Tours
6Guilin & Yangshuo
Feast your eyes with typical Karst Landscape, picturesque Li River and fabulous Longji Terrace in this short stay.
 Guilin Yangshuo Tours
7Kunming Lijiang
Yunnan features spectacular landscapes, as well as the unique ancient culture of the different ethnic groups.
Kunming Lijiang Tours
8Xian Chengdu
Encounter with the chubby pandas & impressive Terracotta Warriors in one tour with new bullet train enjoyment.
Xian Chengdu Tours
9Chengdu Lhasa
As the closest major city to Tibet, it saves time and money to enter Tibet either by train or flight from Chengdu.
Chengdu Lhasa Tours
10Beijing Lhasa
Tibet - it's the trip of a lifetime. No other destination provides so many lifelong memories and culutural experience.
Beijing Lhasa Tours
11Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou
Suzhou and Hangzhou are the backyards of Shanghai for their traditional elite culture and exquisite attractions.
Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tours
12Shanghai Suzhou
Modernness and hidden tradition in metroplis Shanghai & artistic Classical Gardens and romantic water towns in Suzhou!
Shanghai Suzhou Tours
13Shanghai Hangzhou
Exploring the modern and past faces of Shanghai & enjoying a wonderful leisure time in "the City of Heaven" - Hangzhou!
Shanghai Hangzhou Tours
14Hangzhou Huangshan
How will you feel when China's most picturesque mountain meets the most beautiful lake? The Hangzhou Huangshan Tours will let you know.
Hangzhou Huangshan Tour

Popular & Featured Short China Trips

1Leshan & Mt. Emei
"Discover Chengdu's highlights and the world famous Giant Buddha in Leshan and amazing scenery of Mt.Emei
Leshan Mt.Emei Tour
2Zhangjiajie Fenghuang
National Forest Park & Ancient Town guide you to see floating mountains, spectacular peaks and beautiful authentic villages.
 Zhangjiajie Fenghuang Tours
3Mt.Huang & Hongcun
A tour to Hongcun & Xidi after Mt. Huangshan, you'll find yourselves close to nature and culture!
Mt.Huang, Hongcun & Xid Tours
4Lijiang Shangri-La
" Discover the locals’ culture and breathtaking nature in Lijiang & Shangri-La to know the really amazing Yunnan.
 Lijiang Shangri-La Tours
5Xiamen & Fujian Tulou
Unforgettable trip in your lifetime to learn the history and culture of Xiamen and explore the amazing Tulou!
Fujian Tulou Tour
6Lhasa Namtso Lake
Explore the most classic attractions in Lhasa city, then take a side trip to the holy lake - Namtso.
Lhasa Namtso Lake Tour
7Hangzhou Suzhou
Hangzhou and Suzhou are the best paradise cities on earth to admire nature and poetic Chinese elegance!
Hangzhou Suzhou Tours
8Chongqing Yangtze
Short trip to explore the essece of Chongqing city and discover the cradle of China on the Yangtze River.
Chongqing Yangtze Tour

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