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At China Discovery, we support you and care about you all the way! Our carefully prepared travel essentials, comprehensive China travel tips and useful guide are just the beginning. Besides, our professional travel experts are always here to give you prompt answers if you have any concerns or questions before or during your trip. We are trying to deliver you a worry free and fantastic China vacation!

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Pre tour? On tour? No matter you are the first-time visitors or the experienced travelers, we know there are many things you want to know from the beginning to the end of the trip. Here we offer the most comprehensive and practical travel essentials, booking guide and payment guide for YOU! Moreover, we care about your security and protect your privacy!

New to China?

There are a lot to consider before, during and after your China tour from the documents preparation, tour itinerary planning, entry, traveling with kids, how to transfer, exit, etc. If you want to know more details, you head to our China Travel Guide.

Booking Guide

Making a booking with us is quite simple. You send an enquiry to get a quote, amend tour and confirm, pay deposit, make final payment and travel!

Health & Security

China Discovery always put our customers’ safety in the first place. Here are some useful tips and advaice.

Payment Guide

There are several payment methods and choose your way to make payment like PayPal, Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer, Western Union, etc.

Privacy & Terms

We not only care about you, but respect you! Know more about terms and conditions like cancellation, change policy, complaints and claims, etc.

Most Common Questions

With over ten years’ experience, China Discovery has been getting better known about our dear customers and we are trying to solve everything about your China tours. Here, we’ve collected many frequently asked questions about documents, booking, itinerary, tour guide & driver, transfer, accommodation, dining, etc. Check the general answers to the questions for your reference. If you have got questions on your own, please feel free to use the “Ask A Question” form and tell us your ideas.

Documents like Passport, Visa & Permit

1. Who needs a Chinese visa?

China Visa policy varies from different nationalities, destinations and particular travel itinerary and ways of visiting. Normally, foreign nationals need a Chinese Visa to enter and travel around China ahead of departure. Meanwhile, there are some exceptions visitor can visit China without a visa, such as Mutual Visa Exemption, 24~144 Hours Visa-free Transit, APEC Card, International Cruise arrival, Hainan 30-days Visa-free, etc. Read more about Chinese Visa Policy >

2. Could you send an invitation letter for my Chinese Visa application so we can get the visa more easily?

Yes. We can send the Invitation Letter to assist your visa application if you travel China with our tour and services.

3. We have already had a Chinese visa, so do we still need to have a Tibet permit? How do I get it?

The Chinese visa is different from the Tibet Entry Permit, so for applying the Tibet Entry Permit, we will need your valid passport and visa scanning copies; you are not allowed to enter Tibet without having this Permit. And this Permit will be delivered to the Chinese hotel you will stay in before entering Tibet.

4. Do we need Hong Kong visa if we enter there? Or double visa needed if we reach and depart from Hong Kong?

Citizens of most countries in the world are allowed to enter Hong Kong for a stay from 14 days to 90 days with visa or entry permit. But a valid passport is required. If you need to stay overtime, you must apply the HKSAR visa. Traveling China and want to re-enter, you should apply a visa of double entries or multiple entries, like the route of Hong Kong – China Mainland (like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, etc.) – Hong Kong.

Money & Reservation

1. What kind of payment method do you accept?

At our travel agency, we offer a variety of payment methods to make it easier for you to pay for our tour and services. You can choose from PayPal, Wire Transfer, Alipay, WeChat Pay, cash, and more. It is highly recommended to seek the help of your travel consultant when making payment, as they can assist you in selecting the most appropriate payment method based on the real-time exchange rate, your location and other factors.

2. How soon before our trip do you need payment?

Early booking is always better than being rushed, and we would suggest booking to be 2-3 month earlier than your arrival so as to guarantee the booking items. If you are interested in any of our tours, you can pay a deposit first and balance to be paid 30 days prior to your arrival. You can also choose to pay the full amount so as to avoid small loss caused by currency exchange rate fluctuation.

3. When should we pay the deposit and the balance?

Certain deposit will be paid if you decide to book, and balance is required to be paid 30 days prior to your arrival. If booking is less than 30 days, full payment is required.

4. Is it a good idea to bring dollars in China for the trip or is it better to have RMB with us that we will withdraw from ATM?

You can do both, many 4 to 5 stars hotels provide the currency exchange service, you may also change it in the Bank of China, and withdrawing money from ATM will also do. Please do not carry too much money with you when touring outside, keep your belongings safely is always better.

Tour Itinerary / Tour Arrangement

1. I am interested in your website’s sample itinerary. Can I add more spots and tell more specific requirements and needs?

Yes. Once you inquired your favorite China tour, you can tell your all about your ideas and needs by writing the additional requirements on the inquiry form, like the tourist spots, special needs to enjoy the tour, hotel level, food choices, physical condition, etc. One of our experienced travel experts will be your personal travel consultant, helping you modify your China tour based on your likes and requirements and send the quote to you.

2. What does a private tour mean?

PRIVATE PACKAGE means we will provide you with a private vehicle, which is big enough for your group of people, and a private driver and guide for private tours and transfers as listed in our itinerary. Private tour is more flexible and valuable. You could spend more time at places you feel like than what has been scheduled. You can take photos as you want.

3. What are the differences between Private Tour and Group Tour?

A: Private tours

1. Private guide, driver and vehicle are for your exclusive use; no matter you are individually, or in a family or friends group. The tour is run exclusively for you without strangers.
2. Every itinerary can be customized to meet your specific interests/ wishes, that is, you can choose your favored hotels, sightseeing spots, the tour length, means of transportation, budget, etc. All are free of charge.
3. Start the tour on any date you want.
4. Escort you through the whole tour. All private transfers during the tour are offered, including airport/train station transfer, hotel-attractions round trip transfer.
5. The sightseeing during the tour could be based on your own timetable and pace. Flexible to change at your short notice.
6. Ideal for people who need considerate care and assistance, such as elderly, the disabled, families with small children.

B: Group tours

1. Low Price;
2. Share a guide and driver;
3. Share a clean, safe and air-conditioned vehicle;
4. Good chance for you to meet and make friends from all over the world;
5. Tour date is fixed and unchangeable.

4. Is there are discount if we have many people in our group? And early bird booking?

Yes, more members join in will cut the cost down and early bird booking will enjoy some discount. Detailed information please contact our professional travel consultants.

Flights & Train Tickets

1. Can you arrange flight and train tickets for us?

Yes, we can book flight and train tickets to well match your China tour arrangement.

To know more about China Flights and China Trains, please go head to our page Transportation in China.

2. What is the soft / hard sleeper car like? Is bumpy and loud? Can you send pic?

Yes, we can send you some pictures for your reference.

A soft sleeper carriage has 9 compartments, in each of which there are four bunks, two upper and two lower bunks. Each bed is about 75 cm wide and 190 cm long. The luggage rack inside the compartment is about 40cm high and 50cm wide, just big enough for a 20 inch suitcase. A door separates the compartments from the aisle, providing a quiet and private room for the four passengers inside.

A hard sleeper carriage consists of 11 semi-open compartments. Each compartment has six berths going from two top, two middle and two bottom bunks. A ladder at the end of the beds is for passengers to go up and down. Basic beddings, such as a quilt, a pillow, and a sheet are provided. The berth is not big, only 60cm wide and 180cm long. Passengers on the middle and upper berth can hardly sit up straight, as the head spaces for the middle and upper berths are only 70cm and 65cm, respectively. It is also not as soft as the beds in hotels.

Tour Guide, Driver & Private Car

1. What kind of vehicles do we use during our tour?

We have sedan car, SUV, business van (MPV), different types of buses available, different vehicles will be used according to different group size.

No matter where you are going to visit, your vehicle is air conditioned, clean, and expertly maintained. Your private driver is smiling, licensed, and very experienced. To maximize your comfort, we use vehicles with extra space for you and your luggage. Depending on how many are traveling together, we generally use sedans or mini vans (7 seats) for 4 people or less, large vans or small coaches (12-22 seats) for 5-12 people, medium coaches (33 – 37 seats) for 13 – 25 people, and large coaches (45 seats over) for more than 25 people.

2. How can I contact our tour guide in each destination?

Before your tour gets started, your personal travel consultants will give you detailed tour guide information, like the name and phone number. You can contact your guide before your tour.

More China Travel FAQs & Tips

Need More Help?

Wonder how to contact for help? Below are three basic ways to contact us – you can call us directly if you are in urgent situation, or you can email us to get a very quick reply within several hours or just leave your questions and concerns in the “Ask A Question” form. We are here ready to support anytime anywhere for anyone.

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China Discovery Customer Support

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