Dunhuang Maps 2024

To help you have a better understanding about Dunhuang, and plan your Dunhuang tour easily, we have collected some useful Dunhuang maps, all of which are downloadable and printable.

Dunhuang Location Maps

Dunhuang is in the northwest of Gansu Province in northwest China. On the ancient Silk Road, Dunhuang is an important city that connected China with the western regions. Find the exact location of Dunhuang on the maps below.

Dunhuang Tourist Attractions Maps

Apart from the famous Mogao Caves, Dunhuang actually has many other attractions that are worth going such as Echoing Sand Mountains, Yangguan Pass, Yumen Pass... Gain some information about the attractions in Dunhuang through the maps below.

Dunhuang Travel Maps

People can travel to Dunhuang from other parts of China by plane or by train and travel around Dunhuang by taxi or bus. Here we have selected some transportation maps between Dunhuang and Beijing, Xian, Lanzhou, Urumqi... and some maps about traveling to the main attractions. For more maps, please check Dunhuang Transportation Maps>>

How to Plan a Dunhuang Tour

It usually takes 2~4 days to cover the main highlights in Dunhuang. Just like the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, the 2000-year-old Mogao Grottoes is the essence in a Dunhuang trip. Here you can admire thousands of colorfully painted Buddhist statues and have an eye-feast on the exquisite mural paintings. After that, you can go to the Echoing Sand Mountains to have fun in the vast desert and find out why Crescent Lake has never dried up for so many years. On the next day, go explore the remote wild Gobi desert landscape and several legendary historical sites such as Yumen Pass (Jade Gate Pass) which used to be a military defensive pass as well as an important border for international trade along the ancient Silk Road, and Yadan National Geological Park which features Yardang landforms in distinct shapes as you can imagine like Mongolian Bao, Stone Bird, Peacock and others. If you have more days, you can take an in-depth Gansu tour to Lanzhou, Zhangye, Jiayuguan or travel a little farther to the beautiful Xian, Qinghai, Urumqi, and Kashgar.

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