…They’re Back: Shaanxi Noodles (油泼扯面) at Miss Little Shan (小陕娃)

When Yellow River Noodles (黄河陕西面名小吃)  at Meishuguan shut down and got chai-ed, it left a sad little hole in my heart (or stomach?). Their biang biang mian (or 油泼扯面 you po che mian) was the inspiration for Beijing Haochi, and our culinary sleuthing and epic blog posts (four!) on this delight was born from our adoration of Yellow River’s chewy, slippery, fragrant noodle deliciousness (see ode to noodlespost on restaurants, recipe for noodles, and recipe for biang biang mian at home.)

Then I heard a rumor that they reopened across the street at an even more humble looking shoppe, and voila, the rumors were true, and Little Miss Shan (小陕娃) is indeed serving up the same scrumptious noodles and pork buns (肉架末) as our beloved Yellow River. I know it’s the same folks, since no one else has same fragrant Shaanxi oil/flavor mix as the original – which has been seared onto my taste buds, and which I can’t replicate (see Shaanxi carrots). Also like the original, they’re even open 24hrs.

Life is good again.

 Little Miss Shan (小陕娃)
21 Meishuguan Dongjie (across from San Lian bookstore)
6402 9799



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6 Responses to …They’re Back: Shaanxi Noodles (油泼扯面) at Miss Little Shan (小陕娃)

  1. g_dine says:

    have you tried the one next to Lamma temple? it’s called 岐山面, http://www.dianping.com/shop/512944 ABSOLUTELY divine soft youpo chimian.
    but thanks for this post, will head to meishuguan and check it out!

  2. Alvin says:

    Yum. Will try this out. How does it compare to my standby 秦唐府 Qintangfu’s noodles?

  3. the ladies says:

    g_dine: yes! i think i went there a year or two ago, and was indeed good! i think the meishuguan shop has more liang cai though, and you must try the liangpi.

  4. the ladies says:

    Alvin: never been to Qintangfu – but will try to go there soon. always up for trying new noodles

  5. Alvin says:

    Just went here last night. Noodles have a good mouth feel, very handmade. Qintangfu’s environment is nicer though (little chairs and tables and paper cut outs).



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