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Honestly speaking, the condition of the accommodation on Mount Huashan is very basic and poor, compared with the standard of Yellow Mountain, Mount Emei or Mount Tai, which is understandable because it is impossible to establish a big 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars hotel on the mountain where fours sides are precipitous cliffs. There is no highway but only stone steps to get to the top of the mountain. Currently there are several hotels (actually guest houses) on the mountain, providing basic room facilities, food and drink. Private bathroom and shower are not available in all hotels on the mountain. Most of the rooms are small dorm which can accommodate around 8~16 people. Only a few of the rooms are 2 beds rooms, 3 beds rooms and 4 beds rooms. If you really mind poor bedding facilities and cleanness, we suggest you make the trip to Huashan in a day, which is possible if you start your tour early. However, if you want to enjoy sunset and sunrise, and don’t mind the poor accommodation and expensive cost, you can stay a night on the mountain. Below are the major hotels on the mountain.

Mount Hua Hotels Map

Mount Hua Hotels Map

Huashan East Peak Hotel 东峰饭店

Mount Hua East Peak Hotel is located on south side of East Peak, not far from South Peak, West Peak and the Central Peak. It is only 20 minutes’ walking from West Peak Cableway. Mount Hua East Peak Hotel is the best location on the mountain to watch sunrise. The natural landscape here is magnificent – thrilling cliffs, old pine and cypresses, far-reaching horizon, fresh air. The hotel is surrounded by more than 30 famous attractions of Mount Huashan, such as Xianzhangyan, Changyangtai, Yaozifanshen, Plan Road in the Skye, etc. Mount Hua East Peak Hotel can accommodate more than 200 people and provide dining for 100 people each day. The rooms types including 10 Beds Room, 4 Beds Room, 2 Beds Room,and space capsules for 4 people and 8 people which are all basically clean and warm, and not spacy. There is no private bathroom, but public toilet. Hot drinking water is only supplied before 20:00.

When Mount East Peak Hotel is recommended?

1) If you don’t want to get up to early to walk from other places to get to East Peak to watch the sunrise, you can stay a night at East Peak Hotel;

2) If you go to hike Huashan during shoulder season, off season and working days when there are less tourists on the mountain, you can stay a night at East Peak Hotel, because there are only limited rooms, and very hard to book.

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Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel 华山五云峰饭店

Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel is located under Jinsuoguan Pass, between East Peak and North Peak, providing catering, accommodation, tourist souvenirs and merchandise sales. The hotel is surrounded by pines, cypresses and ancient trees. The environment is elegant and the scenery is enticing. Beside the superior location, Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel also offers a wide view. You can see the Yellow River in the north, sunset and cliff of the West Peak in the west, the beautiful Huashan Sunrise in the east. The hotel has complete facilities and reasonable prices. There are rooms of different grades, such as double, triple, quadruple, five-person and multi-person rooms, which can meet the needs of different levels of tourists. It also has a clean and tidy restaurants, providing local snacks, wild vegetables and fast food, noodles. Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel can accommodate more than 80 people each night. At the same time, the hotel also has a tea hall, entertainment facilities, etc.

From Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel, travellers need to hike up about 1hr to get to East Peak, 1.5hrs to get to South Peak and 1.5hrs to get to West Peak.If you accommodate at Wuyunfeng Hotel, and want to catch the sunrise, you should get up around 5am.

When Mount Hua Wuyunfeng Hotel is recommended?

1) If you get to the foot of Mount Huashan in late hours, like 16:00~18:00, and take North Peak Cableway up to North Peak, you can keep walking about 1hr to Wuyunfeng and stay a night so that you will be able to catch sunrise on the next day.

2) If you start hiking from the foot of Mount Hua in late hours, like after 14:00~16:00, you will reach Wuyufeng Hotel after 4~5hrs hiking, which is right time to take a rest and stay a night at Wuyunfeng Hotel.

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Huashan West Peak Hotel 华山西峰饭店

Located on West Peak of Huashan, Huashan Xifeng Hotel is the best locations to enjoy sunset on Mount Huashan. The hotel is divided into two parts, one is Cuiyun Palace and the other is the Meteorological Guest House.

Cuiyun Palace is a part of Zhenyu Palace, an old Taoist temple. It is very close to the up station of West Peak Cableway about 10mins to the summit of West Peak, 20mins to South Peak, 40mins to East Peak, 1.5hrs to North Peak There are basic Chinese dishes (50~100yuan), Dicos (50~100yuan), coco cola (15yuan) and other snacks provided at downstairs of Cuiyun Palace. Meteorological Guest House is not open all the time. There are only two kinds of rooms: 2-beds rooms and 10-beds rooms. Private bathroom is not provided. Shower is not available. Cuiyun Palace is more recommended because its rooms are warmer, and located close to food area. Hot drinking water is provided either.

When West Peak Hotel is recommended?

1) If you want to accommodate in a place near to the best location of sunset, you can accommodate at West Peak Hotel;

2) If you get to West Peak or South Peak in later hours, like 18:00~20:00, you can stay a night at West Peak Hotel;

3) If you miss the last West Peak cable car to descent the mountain, you can stay a night at West Peak Hotel.

Huashan North Peak Hotel 华山北峰饭店

Huashan North Peak Hotel is also named as Huashan Yuntain Hotel. It is located convenient located on the North Peak of Mount Huashan, only 10 minutes away from the Huashan Sante Cableway. It is less chosen by tourists because it’s too far away from the summits area. You need to keep walking about 1.5hrs to get to East Peak and 2hrs to get to South Peak, the highest peak of Mount Huashan. However, its room conditions and hotel faculties are better than other hotels on the mountain. Different room types are provided, including 2 beds room, 3 beds room, 4 beds room, 6 beds room, 8 beds room, 16 beds room, in total 16 guests rooms. Hot drinking water, electic, Wi-fi are provided. There are vendors selling snacks and drinks.

When North Peak Hotel is recommended? If you take the last cable cars (around 18:00) to north peak, or hike from the mountain foot to North Peak and get existed, you can stay a night as rest at North Peak Hotel.

Can You Camp on Mount Huashan

Yes, you can camp on Mount Huashan if you bring your own tent and sleeping bag. The hotels on the mountain also provide tent rental services (tent + quilt) which are usually more expensive than dormitory beds. Popular camping sites are East Peak near Sunrise Pavilion and East Peak Hotel, West Peak, South Peak, near Jinsuo Pass.

Important Camping Notice:

1. Do not camp in the forest area;
2. Do not camp on the cliff side of the mountain;
3. You’d better camp with at least 2 people or more. Don’t camp along in an isolated place;
4. Do not hinder the paths;
5. Do not punch holes in the constructed area or near tourist facitlies;
6 Do not use fireworks during camping.

Huashan Camping Camping on Mount Huashan (near East Peak)

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