Xian Xianyang International Airport (IATA: XYI)

Location: Dizhang Town, Weicheng District, Xianyang City, Shaanxi (陕西省咸阳市渭城区底张镇)

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport (西安咸阳国际机场) is actually located in Xianyang city, but you can get to Xi’an downtown conveniently by Airport Shuttle Bus (subway is not available yet). The airport connects Xi’an with most major cities in China and many cities abroad. So far (July, 2019), there are 62 airline companies running 313 lines covering over 170 cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Kunming, Chongqing, Nanjing, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya, etc. There are 3 terminals in total. T1 and T2 are for domestic flights, while T3 is for both domestic and international flights. Passengers can walk (about 10 minutes) or take free buses (3-5 minutes) to transfer between the terminals.

Xian Xianyang International Airport Visa Free Policy

Approved by the State Council, Xian became the 8th city in China that operated the 72-Hour Transit Visa Exemption for 51 foreign countries (later unified to 53 countries), since June 1, 2014. Visitors who meet relevant requirements may enter from Xian Xianyang Airport, stay within Xian and Xianyang for no more than 72 hours without applying a Chinese Visa, and leave from Xianyang Airport. Better yet, the policy will be upgraded to 144-hour transit free from December 1, 2019. >>Xian Visa Free Policy

Xian Xianyang International Airport Transportation

Travellers can take Airport Shuttle Bus, taxi or travel with China Discovery to get to Xi'an downtown, Terracotta Warriors, train stations, and other places in Xian conveniently.

Xian Xianyang International Airport to Xian Downtown

Xian Xianyang International Airport serves shuttle buses both to Xianyang (CNY: 15) and Xian downtown (CNY: 25). Passengers can buy the ticket and take the bus at the 1st Floor of T2 and the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) of T3. There are in total 13 lines running between the airport and Xian downtown which connect some major attractions like Bell Tower and Shaanxi History Museum, and the main railway stations and passenger stations. The duration is usually from 50 to 80 minutes.

Apart from that, you can take a taxi at all the three terminals. In general, if you take a taxi to Xian downtown and pay by the taximeter, it will cost about CNY 130 in the daytime and CNY 150 at night. You can make a note of the place you want to go in Chinese in advance and show it to the taxi driver in case there is some language obstacle.

Xian Airport and Flights Xian Xianyang International Airport Location Map

Xian Xianyang International Airport to Terracotta Warriors

The famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses is about 66km from the airport. Independent travellers can take a taxi (about 70 minutes, CNY 200) or take the Airport Shuttle Bus Fangzhicheng Passenger Station Line to Fangzhicheng Passenger Station, then transfer to bus No. 307 and get off at Terra-Cotta Warriors Station. The whole process will take about 2.5 hours.>>Xian Airport to Terracotta Warriors

Xian Xianyang International Airport to Xian Train Stations

To Xian North Railway Station: Xian North Railway Station is about 26km from the airport. You can take Airport Shuttle Bus Xian North Railway Station Line to get there directly in about an hour. Taking a taxi will need about 40 minutes and CNY 80.

To Xian Railway Station: They are about 40km apart. You can take Airport Shuttle Bus Xian Railway Station Line to get there directly in about 70 minutes. Taking a taxi will need about 1 hour and CNY 100.

To Xian South Railway Station: They are about 73km away. You can take Airport Shuttle Bus Jiyuan Hotel Line first to get to Xian South Passenger Station, and then transfer to Bus NO. 920 or K920 to Xian South Railway Station. The whole trip needs 2.5 - 3 hours. Taking a taxi will need about 75 minutes and CNY 220. >>Read More about Xian Train Stations

Note: The information above updated in August, 2019 is for your reference only. The public transportation is sometimes changeable. Please remember to double check before the trip.

Travel with China Discovery

Getting tired of all the transfer and looking for a worry-free trip? Why not try travel with China Discovery? Our professional tour guide and driver will welcome you at the arrival hall and escort you to your next destination (tourist attraction, hotel, train station, etc.) on a comfortable licensed private car. All the problems like ticket buying, meal, accommodation will be well taken care of. All you need to do is just fully enjoying your trip! >>Contact us now

Domestic Flights to Xian

Xian Xianyang International Airport has operated flights connecting more than 130 cities in China, including the major cities and hot tourist destinations. Here we have just selected some of them for your reference. As the flight is greatly influenced by weather and other factors, you can contact us directly for more specific flight information such as the schedule and ticket fare.

Part of Domestic Flights to Xian

Route Type Duration Frequency Distance (KM)

Beijing - Xian

Nonstop About 2h About 25 flights 934

Shanghai - Xian

Nonstop About 2.5h About 45 flights 1386
Tianjin - Xian Nonstop About 2h About 11 flights 926
Guangzhou - Xian Nonstop About 2.5h About 30 flights 1660
Hangzhou - Xian
Nonstop About 2h10m Over 20 flights 1346
Chengdu - Xian Nonstop About 2h Over 10 flights 729
Guilin - Xian Nonstop About 2h Over 5 flights 1437
Lhasa - Xian Nonstop & Stopover 3h - 5h Over 15 flights 2804
Huangshan - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 2h - 10h About 5 flights 1243
Zhangjiajie - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 1.5h - 12.5h About 10 flights 1002

International/Regional Flights to Xian

People in about 50 regions and foreign cities can take nonstop, stopover, or connecting flights to Xian. Here we have listed some popular flights schedules for your reference. Since flights are easily influenced by weather and other factors, please remember to double check your flight information when booking.

Route Type Duration Frequency Distance (KM)

Hong Kong - Xian

Nonstop & Connecting 3h - 14h About 30 flights 1437

Macau - Xian

Nonstop & Connecting 3h45m - 23h About 25 flights 1443

Taipei - Xian

Nonstop & Connecting 3h45m - 23h Over 50 flights 1614
New York - Xian Connecting 17.5h - 1.5d About 45 flights 11686
Los Angeles - Xian
Nonstop & Connecting 14h - 1.5 days About 40 flights 10985
London - Xian
Nonstop & Connecting 11h - 1.5 days About 60 flights 8263
Paris - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 10.5h - 1 day About 30 flights 8245
Sydney - Xian Connecting & Stopover 14h - 30h Over 20 flights 8769
Toronto - Xian Connecting 18.5h - 1.5d Over 30 flights 11311
Moscow - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 7h15m - 1.5d Over 30 flights 5788
Kuala Lumpur - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 5.5h - 1d Over 40 flights 3585
Tokyo - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 5h - 1d About 70 flights 2823
Seoul - Xian Nonstop & Connecting & Stopover 3h10m - 15.5h About 60 flights 1628
Bangkok - Xian Nonstop & Connecting 4h - 1 day About 60 flights 2438
Ho Chi Minh City - Xian Connecting 6h40m - 1d About 50 flights 2626

How to Plan a Xian Tour

How to Get to Xi’an: You can fly to Xi’an by international flights from Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya, etc., or take domestic flights / high speed bullet trains to Xi'an from major domestic cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, etc.

Best Time to Visit Xi’an: The best time to visit Xi’an is March to May (in spring) & (September to November (in autumn) for the weather at this time is fine with beautiful scenery, which can offer more comfortable experience for outdoor sightseeing and activities.

Top Attractions to Visit in Xi’an: Terracotta Warriors, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City, Ancient City Wall, Mount Huashan, Muslim Quarter, Bell Tower, etc.

As the ancient capital city of China for 13 dynasties, ruled by 73 emperors, Xian has left massive cultural heritages and relics for you to explore. Within about two days, you can finish visiting the main sites, which include the incredible man-made wonder, the Terracotta Warriors, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Muslim Quarter where you can get to try the local cuisines. Besides, biking around the Ancient City Wall and tracing back the history at Shaanxi History Museum and watching the Tang Dynasty Show, all of these activities are definitely unmissable for your stay in Xian. Now, it is available to have 144 hours Visa-Free Transit in Xian, and you can go for a history and culture tour or photography tour to explore all the stunning attractions in the city even without applying for a visa.

If you have more time, you can head to Luoyang, Hukou Waterfall, and the famous Mt. Huashan, which is about 120km away from the city area. Besides, you can start your Silk Road trip from the terminal Xian and travel along the route Marco Polo has visited, or you can regard Xian as your midway in China and start your trip from Beijing, Shanghai and even Lhasa to the west of Xian. China Discovery has designed many classic China tour packages including Xian for you. Let us customize one for you.Contact Us Now

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Travel Xian with China Discovery

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We have helped many global travelers enjoy their memorable trips to Xian for the past few years. Among them, a special team of over 50 VIPKID teachers from North America traveled with us to see their dear studends in China with amazing experience in Xian and shared us their special travel story! Travel with China Discovery to create your wonderful Xian trip memories!

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