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China Autumn Tours, Best China Autumn Vacations & Travel 2024/2025

Autumn is one of the most comfortable seasons (together with spring) to travel in China that you are able to enjoy an extremely comfortable weather and fascinating colors in numerous destinations.

As the summer heat fade away and the cool autumn comes, it is a wonderful time to enjoy a comfortable trip in China. Almost all the tourist destinations are suitable to visit in autumn and many of them present their most alluring colors. Want to savor the golden colors of autumn landscape, or ascend to the top of some remarkable mountains, or bike in the peaceful countryside or along a scenic lake, or capture all the memorable scenes with your camera? All possible!

In order to help you enjoy the best autumn holiday, China Discovery here has selected the most recommended tour packages including China’s top classic destinations exploration and best autumn sightseeing experience. It is also available to browse some short trips filtering by the best autumn destinations after getting the general ideas and temperatures about each destination, or, you can take a moment to design your own autumn vacation and choose your favorite tour according to your travel length and personal interests. Besides, we also offer the firsthand travel information and guide about autumn travel which allows you to have a full preparation for your coming holiday in advance.

Worry-free Autumn Holiday with China Discovery

China Discovery is a leading China tour agency offering quality all-inclusive tour packages, including one-to-one itinerary-organizing, hotels and tickets booking, local knowledgeable tour guide, comfortable private transfer, etc. We have got 3,580+ commendatory feedbacks from our customers and 1,800+ good reviews on TripAdvisor. You can completely trust us! Remember to enjoy the real travel stories shared by our past customers and get inspiration for your next autumn holiday.

    Why Visit Autumn in China?

  • Mild Temperature & Comfortable Weather- Most Destinations of China are in their best climate, neither hot nor cold, less rain, good visibility.
  • Stunning Colors of Nature - Many forests, grasslands and mountains are dressed in spectacular colors from green to yellow, golden, oranges and scarlet.
  • Suitable for Outdoor Activities - Different outdoor activities can be better enjoyed in autumn, such as walking, hiking, climbing, biking, photography.
  • The Season of Harvest - In China, autumn is the season of harvest that you can see many farming scenes and crops exhibition in many southern villages of China
  • Tailor-made Autumn Vacation - You can customize your autumn trip on your own totally based on your likes.

Featured China Autumn Tours /Photography, Nature...

Want to savor some special beauty which is exclusive to autumn? Of course you can. Here we choose the best featured autumn tours for you, including incredible autumn natural scenery, “Dry Crops In Autumn” scenes and photography opportunities. You must enjoy a memorable autumn trip in China.

As a well-liked season for a China tour, autumn offers an opportunity to travel almost all destinations of China, including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Silk Road, etc. Check the following classic tours covering the most highlighting destinations:

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Pick Your Favorite Autumn Destinations with the Best Scenery and Climate

Do you have any ideas about where to go during your autumn tour in China? In fact, all tourist destinations in China can be visited in autumn, from the natural destinations with breathtaking autumn scenery to old historical cities with brilliant cultural wonders, from skyscrapers-covered metropolises to the idyllic picturesque villages and from the off-the-beaten track high plateaus to the vast stretches of grasslands, from highly-soaring mountains to sweet coastal cities. Here we list the top 8 destinations with lovely landscape and special experience. Just click your favorite place to find the general information and best recommended autumn itineraries. If you have any other ideal places, feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

  • Beijing
  • Huangshan
  • Yangtze River
  • Xinjiang
  • Western Sichuan
  • Guilin
  • Zhangjiajie
  • Jiuzhaigou
Why Go to Beijing in Autumn?

Explore China’s treasured cultural wonders as well as great autumn view in China’s first-rank destination!

Beijing is a must-be-visited city in China for the first timers. As the old and present capital city of China, it offers both ancient and modern exploration of China. Cultural wonders are the biggest highlights of Beijing and they show more antique flavor with the decoration of golden foliage.

  • Location: Northern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 1°C-27°C
  • Type: Cities, Heritage Sites, Culture, Nature
  • Best Places to Go: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3~4 days
Alex and Keneilwe from Zimbabwe and South Africa - Forbidden City, Beijing

3 Days Visa-free Beijing Essential

Apply to Beijing Transit Visa Free Policy, including airport pick and drop off. You will make best discovery of top best cultural and historical highlights of Beijing Capital City without missing the hiking experience on Great Wall!

Price from $300

Simatai Great Wall Night View

4 Days Beijing Great Wall Night Tour

Escape to walk on the Great Wall at night and stay a night at Gubei Watertown.

Price from Request

Why Visit Huangshan in Autumn?

Hike to China’s most iconic mountain and enjoy a harvest scene in featured Huizhou villages.

Huangshan is most famous for Yellow Mountain – a beautiful mountain featured with odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocky peaks, sea of clouds and hot spring. Travelling Huangshan in autumn offers you a great opportunity to see the sea of clouds as well as enjoy the oil painting-like autumn view and harvest scenes of the Huizhou villages.

  • Location: Eastern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 9°C-27°C
  • Type: Nature, Mountains, Villages, Hiking, Photography
  • Best Places to Go: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village, Xidi Village, Tunxi Old Street
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3~4 days
Jenny's group from Vietnam - Yellow Mountain Sunrise, Huangshan, Anhui

3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour

Suits all kinds of travelers, especially family with kids, seniors and those who need to hike in a leisure way. Explore the best highlights of the Back Mountain, West Sea Grand Canyon and Bright Top area in 2 full days.

Price from $369

Andreas' group from Swedan - Flying-over-Rock, Yellow Mountain, Huangshan

3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour

Enjoy best highlights of both Front Mountain and Back Mountain in 2 full days. The hiking pace is neither too tight nor too relaxing. Avoid unnecessary walking, and focus on sightseeing areas with stunning landscapes and enjoyable hiking experience.

Price from $407

Why Go to Yangtze River in Autumn?

Take a luxury Yangtze River cruise for a relaxing holiday with fiery-red maple leaves sightseeing!

Cruising between Chongqing and Yichang on Yangtze River is the most rewarding and relaxing way to discover China. Superb facilities and friendly staff are equipped on the cruise, and excellent shore excursions are arranged onboard as well. In autumn, the maple leaves view in Three Gorges make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Location: : between Chongqing and Yichang
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 12°C-23°C(Chongqing) & 9°C-28°C
  • Type: Cruises, Nature, Gorges, Mountains
  • Best Places to Go: Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2~7 days
Yangtze River Cruise Spring Flowers

7 Days Shanghai & Yangtze Cruise Tour (Upsream)

This upstream Yangtze tour will give you 7 days to experience the modern and beauty of China. After viewing the new look of this metropolis, you will take a relaxing cruise on the Yangtze River.

Price from $993

Relaxing Yangtze River Cruise

4 Days Chongqing Essence Tour with Yangtze Cruise

This Chongqing Yangtze tour is the most classic route for a single Yangtze cruise experience in China! If you want a relaxing way to relax your body and feast your eyes with countless charming natural scenery, this short cruise trip is definitely the perfect one for you.

Price from Request

Why Visit Xinjiang in Autumn?

Feast on the fascinating natural beauty, extraordinary Central Asian culture and the sweetest fruits!

Xinjiang is a mysterious land surprising travelers in different ways. In autumn, its natural beauty blossoms in the wild deserts, heavenly lakes, dense forests and boundless grasslands… As one significant part of the Silk Road, it offers great culture fun. Besides, autumn is a good time enjoy various fruits, like grapes of Turpan, honey melons of Kumul, bergamot pear of Korla, etc.

  • Location: Northwestern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: -6-23°C
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Deserts, Lakes, Forests
  • Best Places to Go: Kanas Lake, Kashgar, Urumqi, Turpan
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4~9 days
Tashkurgan Fort (Stone City Ruin) in the morning of September

8 Days Urumqi Turpan Kashgar Xinjiang Tour - Classic Xinjiang Discovery

This is the most classic and enjoyable Xinjiang tour on which you will visit the Golden Triangle - Urumqi, Kashgar and Turpan to get the best Silk Road exploration and Xinjiang's best culture and nature.

Price from Request

Morning mist in Hemu Village in Autumn

9 Days Kanas Lake Fairyland Tour from Urumqi

You will not only explore Kanas fully, but also get rewarded by many other natural wonders, such as jaw-dropping canyons, colorful Yardang landform, wild animal reserve, etc. Drive in and out by two different routes so that all your time and efforts won’t be wasted.

Price from Request

Why Visit Western Sichuan in Autumn?

Embark an adventure to the wild nature of the paradise of outdoor enthusiasts!

Hiking? Climbing? Adventure? Sightseeing? Photography? All can be realized in Western Sichuan to the fullest! Autumn is the best season to enjoy the primitive scenery of Western Sichuan. There are lots of snowcapped peaks, alpine forests and grasslands, traditional Tibetan style villages and sacred Buddhist monasteries.

  • Location: Southwestern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: -8°C-16°C
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Mountains Forests
  • Best Places to Go: Daocheng Yading, Siguniangshan, Xinduqiao, Kangding, Danba
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4~9 days
Yading Pearl Lake & Mount Chianrezig

4 Days Daocheng Yading Classic Hiking Tour from Chengdu (by Flight)

Transfer from Chengdu Plain to alpine Daocheng Yading to achieve all your imagination of the “Last Pure Land on Our Blue Planet” in the most classic way to embrace the fabulous scenery of "Last Shangri-La"!

Price from request

Xinduqiao Scenic Driving Road in Autumn

7 Days Western Sichuan Small Loop Tour

Enjoy a memorable scenic and cultural vacation on best the golden Western Sichuan Small Loop with fantastic visits to Mount Siguniang, Danba, Tagong, Xinduqiao, Hailuogou and more splendors!

Price from $1263

Why Go to Guilin in Autumn?

See fabulous Karst landscape and visit golden rice terraces!

If you are interested in idyllic nature, don’t miss Guilin whose awesome karst landscape is second to none. You could cruise along the Chinese painting-like Li River, refresh your body and mind in rural Yangshuo, and most amazingly, hike to the top of the layers of rice terraces in their most enchanting time.

  • Location: Southern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 14°C-32°C
  • Type: Nature, Mountain, Rivers
  • Best Places to Go: Li River, Yangshuo Town, Yulong River, Longsheng Rice Terraces
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4 or 5 days
Claire from UK - Li River, Guilin

4 Days Highlights of Guilin, Yangshuo & Longji

This short 4-day tour covers the three most popular destinations of Guilin - Li River, Yangshuo County and Longji Rice Terraces. Only 4 days are needed to get them all in a single trip.

Price from $391

Mr. Pasquale from Italy - Li River Fisherman, Guilin

6 Days Guilin Photography Tour including Xianggong Mountain

It’s not an overstatement to call Guilin the paradise of photographer. Endless green hills lie beside the quiet and clear Li River and the antique buildings of the ancient towns reveal the stories of the old times.

Price from $739

Why Visit Zhangjiajie in Autumn?

Immerse yourself in the Real Avatar World and challenge yourself to try the exciting cable car and the highest glass bridge!

Zhangjiajie is a top fever tourist destination for fantastic nature admiration including surreal Avatar Mountain. It offers great view of Karst sandstone peaks and pillars as well as world-class thrilling adventures including glasswalk and 25 minutes' long cable way. The autumn view of the mountains are distinct as well.

  • Location: Central China (Cold-weather Destination) in Hunan Province
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 11°C ~ 28°C
  • Type: Mountains, Nature
  • Best Places to Go: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Tianmen Mountain, Fenghuang Ancient Town
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3~5 days
Bernhard’s group from German - Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

4 Days Zhangjiajie Exciting Adventure with Glass Bridge

If you show interests in the natural splendid landscapes and like to take challenges, this 4 Days Zhangjiajie Exciting Tour will be your satisfactory selection.

Price from $575

Fenghuang Ancient Town - Helen from Australia

5 Days Amazing Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Ancient Town Tour

This 5-day Zhangjiajie Fenghuang tour is the best way to fully make use of your time in Zhangjiajie. Admire all natural must-sees in UNESCO Zhangjiajie Forest Park with a cultural relaxation at antique Xiangxi flavored Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Price from $660

Why Go to Jiuzhaigou in Autumn?

Enjoy the unbelievable autumn view of turquoise-colored high-altitude lakes and striking golden reeds and forests.

Listed in UNESCO World Nature Heritage Sites, Jiuzhaigou Valley enjoys valuable natural resources and landscape. Stepping in the multi-colored valley is like being thrown into a dream-like fairyland. The waterscape consisting of lakes, ponds and waterfalls are strikingly gorgeous. Many shutterbugs visit Jiuzhai Valley in October and early November to capture the best autumn scenery.

  • Location: Southwestern China
  • Autumn Average Temperature: 5°C-23°C
  • Type: Waterscape, Forests, Nature, Photography
  • Best Places to Go: Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong National Park
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3 days
Nuorilang Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall in Jiuzhaigou

3 Days Classic Jiuzhaigou Tour

There is an old saying that once you visited Jiuzhaigou, there is no need for you to see any other waterscape. Jiuzhaigou and its neighbor Huanglong grant you a memorable experience of nature wonder of wondrous water world.

Price from $330

Five-flower Lake in Rize Valley

5 Days Classic Jiuzhaigou Tour

If you're always keen on exploring the heavenly beauty and digging fantastic culture, this is the best trip for you. Explore the two most popular tourist destinations in Sichuan - Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou on this air-land combo tour.

Price from $760

China Autumn Travel Guide Useful Articles

Are you still wondering how to plan an autumn tour? Just read the following articles to help you get a better understanding of autumn weather and dressing tips. You can also get detailed weather information and places to Go in September, October and November as well as some important travel tips. No matter it is your first time or the second time to China, you are guaranteed a DIFFERENT and COLORFUL autumn vacation in the year of 2024!

Get Inspired by Our Customers’ Amazing Autumn Travel Stories

We have helped numerous travelers enjoy their autumn holiday in China. Are you curious about what they saw, did and felt about their tours.. Here we select some of the top inspiring travel stories to let you know not only the wonderful highlights they had enjoyed but also the forever unique memorable moments! Now, it’s your turn and your time to write your own stories in this autumn! >> Read All Our Customers Travel Stories during 2011-2024

Memorable Fabulous Xinjiang Photography Trip
-- Mr. Florian’s 9 Days Xinjiang Photography Travel with His Friend in 2020
Mr. Florian and his friends, all photography lovers enjoyed a photography trip in late September and early October since they were all photography lovers!

Destinations Visited: Urumqi - Urho - Hemu - Kanas - Fuyun - Urumqi - Turpan - Turpan - Shanghai
China Autumn Travel Story
“Only You” - Couple’s Resounding 69 Days Private China Journey
-- Elie & His Wife’s Romantic 10 Weeks Discovering Vast China
A couple from Belgium customize a private China trip of total 69 days to travel around the very large China to its south, north, east and west. During the nearly 10 week long China trip.
Destinations Visited: Beijing - Hohhot - Datong - Pingyao - Zhengzhou - Luoyang - Xian - Dunhuang - Jiayuguan...
China Travel Story
Discover Wonderful China Landscape from East to West with Family & Friends
-- Steve's 22-Day China Discovery with Family & Friends
It is a 22-day China trip covering all the places Steve and his group want to go. Fortunately, Jiuzhaigou announced its reopening just several days before Steve's departure date and it was added to Steve’s itinerary.

Destinations Visited: Beijing - Hohhot - Datong - Pingyao - Zhengzhou - Luoyang..
China Autumn Travel Story
Hiking in the Other Side of the World - Stunning Landscapes of Guilin
-- 6 Days Guilin In-depth Hiking Tour
I’m from Canada and love nature, trekking and scenery. My brother and I were very satisfied with China Discovery’s private 6-day guided tour of Guilin. The service was professional, friendly and well coordinated.

Destinations Visited: Guilin - Longsheng - Yangshuo - Guilin
China Autumn Travel Story
Senior and Youth, Happy of Family Travel Never Ends
-- 11 Days Memorable China Family Tour
It is a family tour shared by Philip from Britain. Then enjoyed a wonderful and enjoyable holiday in China. Their tour completely went as they planned and they not have seen even a small fraction of these sites without the expertise and knowledgeable guides.

Destinations Visited:Beijing - Chengdu - Zhangjiajie - Shanghai
China Autumn Travel Story

2024-2025 China Autumn Vacation with More Fun

Want to enjoy a longer autumn holiday in China and visit more valuable destinations for more fun? China Discovery offers you more choices. You can visit the most classic destinations and some popular autumn destinations in one go! If you are the first timer, we suggest you get a first touch of China by visiting Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Guilin – where China’s history, culture, nature and city view can be exhibited perfectly. Yangtze River Cruise is also a great option added into your itinerary for a leisurely experience. Besides, many travelers prefer an adventure to Zhangjiajie for an jaw-dropping view of the Avatar World. Moreover, you can step into Yunnan (Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shanghri-La) and Guizhou (Guiyang, Kaili) to have minority fun, Shanxi (Datong, Pingyao, Wutaishan…) and Henan (Luoyang, Zhengzhou…) to discover the civilization of ancient China, Gansu (Dunhuang, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou…) to unveil the mystery of the Silk Road, etc. There are lots of wonders in China awaiting your exploration. Just select your favorite or customize your own tour according to your own interest and preference as well.

CD-BXS-08 8 Days Best of China Tour
8 Days Best of China Tour (Flight/Bullet Train Covered)

Beijing / Xian / Shanghai

from $1267

Stone Monkey Watching the Sea (on Lion Peak)
9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour by High Speed Train

Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Huangshan

from $1,391

Kim - Mutianyu Great Wall
10 Days Classic China Tour from Beijing - First Touch of China

Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Yangshuo / Shanghai

from $1634

Lijiang Old Town Full View-2021-Louis from Singapore
14 Days Wild China Tours from Shanghai to Yunnan on Expresses

Shanghai / Zhangjiajie / Kaili / Kunming / Lijiang / Shangri-la / Kunming

from $2507

Bizarre Fanjingshan Mushroom Stone - Jessica's Group from Malaysia
8 Days Guilin Guizhou In-depth Highlights Tour (Start from Guilin)

Guilin / Longsheng / Yangshuo / Zhaoxing / Kaili / Fanjingshan

from Request

Wim's Group - Longji Rice Terraces (Pingan, Nine Dragons and Five Tigers), Longsheng, Guilin
8 Days Classic Sichuan & Beautiful Guilin Landscape Tour

Chengdu / Emeishan / Leshan / Guilin / Longji / Guilin / Yangshuo / Guilin

from Request

Yangtze River Cruise
17 Days China Paradise Tour with Tibet Discovery & Yangtze Cruise

Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Chengdu / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Shanghai

from $2876

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