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Hulunbuir Travel Guide

Hulunbuir Travel Guide 2024/2025

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Hulunbuir in the northeastern Inner Mongolia is the hidden gorgeous backyard garden wonderland for the entire China and the world for its well-preserved nutritious and glossy Hulunbuir Grassland. With the pleasant natural ecological environment and sweet air, it is the “Green Pure Land” most suitable for humans to live and is praised as the “Natural Villa” gifted by our nature planet! Hulunbuir is the largest city in China by area and is also the appealing home to several amazing different ecosystems, pine forests, large pristine lakes, refreshing wetlands and the grasslands. Thus, it is one of the best destination for world people to release and purify their mind and immerse into the serenity, nice and vitality of the beautiful Hulunbuir. And also one of the favorite summer resort destinations home and abroad for visual and mental pleasure with a average temperature between 16℃-21℃ in summer months.!

Moreover, this city is a key junction between Russia, Mongolia and China and sharing a borderline of 1,732 kilometers, thus the typical mixed exotic ethnic folk charm of Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese northern tribes such as Sirbi (Xianbei), Khitan (Qidan), Jurchen (Nvzhen), etc. is the cultural symbol of the harmonious inclusive life in the wide Hulunbuir area. Do not be amazed when meeting some local Russian villagers with Roman nose and deep eye sockets speaking pure northeastern Mandarin. Boasting the so outstanding nature wonders and mysterious interesting culture and historical telling, Hulunbuir ranks high for the travel pocket list of travelers to China!

Why Visit Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia?

  • China Largest & Most Beautiful Grassland - Hulunbuir Grassland covering 11,266,700 hectares is one of the four largest grasslands around the globe and also one of the most beautiful one for closing up with endless emerald grass carpet with flocks and herds grazing and roaming leisurely there. Local herdsmen, Mongolian yurts, azure sky and winding stream are all found there for the best pursuit of freedom and unconstraint.
  • Verdant Natural Splendors - “half of Hulunbuir is forest and the other half is grassland.” Forests and grassland in Hulunbuir dominate nature and human world according to the belief of Shamanism. While the northern part of Great Khingan evolves abundant flourish mountains, soft lakes, sinuous rivers, cool streams, birch forest, etc. to make one of the most excellent nature park for ease and fun!
  • Northen China Ethnic Tribes Culture - Besides Mongolian group, Hulunbuir at the junction of Mongolia, Russia and north China is an idyllic big diverse ethnic family. Pinnacles on wooden houses in the exotic Russian countryside, traditional skills of Mongolian men, reindeer wild park of Ewenki tribe, and so forth never stop preserve their original ethnic signs, from the Northern Wei Dynasty, Liao and Jin Dynasties to the new China era!

Top Attractions in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

The wide and alluring Hulunbuir has quite plenty of outstanding attractions for your discovery. Besides the well-known and must-see Hulunbuir Grassland, there are rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, ethnic villages, etc. Also, scenic wonders show even on the driving road. Check all bests Attractions in Hulunbuir.

Hulunbuir Grassland
Hulunbuir Grassland

It is the largest grassland in China and one of the four largest in the world, boasting the best boundless prairie landscape with glossy grass, blue vast sky, groups of herds, etc. to be the desktop wallpaper in reality.

Ergun Wetland
Ergun Wetland

It is No.1 wetland in whole Asia and is especially favored for its worthy scenery of the fascinating birch forest clipped by the large and graceful “S” shaped winding Ergun River. The great viewing place let you catch the amazing overview!

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Shiwei Russian Village

Shiwei Russian Village

Former home for Xianbei tribe and now an exotic Russian village. The abundant Mukeden houses with cuspidal rooftop and over 1,000 Russian people living for over a century make you confuse whether it’s China or Russia.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Heishantou


Wetland and forest view are shown after Heishantou Mountain. But it is most famous among shutterbugs for its advantageous location to admire the fabulous sunset on wetland and also great for starry sky!

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Moerdaoga National Forest Park

Moerdaoga National Forest Park

This large park has the last virgin bright taiga, where the scenic train takes you to travel through the stunning forest world. The Yimujiuling platform shows the awesome panorama of Great Khingan.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Enhe Russian Village

Enhe Russian Village

Enhe is the best developed town in Ergun. Its natural view of vast verdant grassland, leisure cattle, dotted Mukeden houses, warm sunshine, tranquil Haur River, etc. make Enhe your ideal place for poetic countryside life!

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Aoluguya Reindeer Village

It is the residence of mysterious Ewenki ethnic tribe and where to encounter with the rarely seen reindeer with large horns. Take a simple walk in the forest and hear the story of China’s last group for hunting!

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - White Birch Forest

White Birch Forest

White Birch Forest 40 km away north from Labudlin is a charming original forest area with rich European beauty for your nice wander in the verdant white and green world. While, it is quite beautiful in summer and autumn for photography!

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Linjiang Russian Village

Linjiang Russian Village

Linjiang Village facing Russia with Ergun River in between is the over 100-year-old serene home for lots of Russian ethnic people and descendants of Chinese-Russian, where they enjoy their own undisturbed peaceful rural life under the fairytale forest.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

The giant 30-meter tall Matryoshka doll statue is the landmark of Manzhouli City. Dozens of exotic big and small colorful Matryoshka statues, Mongolian yurts, etc. shows the mixed culture there and makes it a joyous theme park for appreciation and fun.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Hulun Lake
Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake National Nature Reserve on Hulubuir Grassland is the fifth largest lake in China and is reputed as the Bright Pearl on Grassland. This picturesque lake enjoys beautiful sunrise, romantic moon and other natural splendors.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Haur River

Haur River

Haur River lies at the west slope of the Great Khingan. It means the river like spring in Mongolian language and stands for the best curling river in the dense forest nature, which looks just like an precious jade belt embodied on the soft emerald velour.

Hulunbuir Travel Guide - Hulunbuir Nationality Museum

Hulunbuir Nationality Museum

This museum is the best for a preview or review of a Hulunbuir discovery. Human head fossils, snowboard, bags, saddles and more collections tell the origin, thriving and union of various ethnic tribes in the large northern China.

Hulunbuir Weather & Best Time to Visit

Hulunbuir Weather Hulunbuir Weather

Hulunbuir locates in the northernmost China is distinct weather and temperature from summer to winter. Usually, July is the hottest month with the highest temperature around 34℃, while January is the coldest with temperature dropping down to even -34℃. But annual average temperature there is around 0℃.

Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

For traveling to Hulunbuir, it is suitable to go there any season of a year since sceneries and highlights of each season are quite different and charming! Usually, May to October is the best time to discovery the famous Hulunbuir Grassland and bright golden wild blossoms, especially June ~ middle September, for the luxurious and emerald grassland world. While, July and August is generally the tourist peak season with lots of domestic tourists. Late July to early August is time for annual Naadam Festival gala for Mongolian people. And in autumn from September to November, it is great to enjoy the golden sightseeing of White Birch Forest, Great Khangan, Ergun Wetland, golden grassland scenery, etc. In spring from March to May, it feels more like winter with the still low temperature below 0℃. But spring flowers, blueberries, mushrooms, etc. are blooming gradually for the new vitality. While in winter from December to February, it is quite cold. When the Winter Naadam Festival is held in December to show the power of Mongolian men, and the Great Khingan and wetlands change into pure silver fairytale world!

Check more about Hulunbuir Weather & Best Time to Go

Hulunbuir Transportation: How to Get to/around Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Transportation - Hulunbuir Airport Hulunbuir Transportation - Hulunbuir Airport Hulunbuir Location Map Hulunbuir Transportation - Private Car Service

How to Get to Hulunbuir

By Flight

Hulunbuir has two major airports for your convenient travel. Hailar Dongshan International Airport in Harlar district serves direct flights from / to Beijing, Hohhot, Harbin and other limited destinations in China. And it usually takes about 1 hour & 20 minutes to reach downtown Harlar by car. Besides, Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport in Manzhouli City has some flights from Beijing, Hohhot, Harbin, etc., and you can get there within 10 minutes from Manzhouli downtown by car.

By Train

No high speed trains are available to Hulunbuir! Besides, the long-time normal trains are not suggested.

Hohhot to Hulunbuir

Frequent direct flights are available between Hohhot Baita International Airport and Hohhot Dongshan Airport, which takes around 2 hours. There are also a few direct flights between Hohhot and Manzhouli, about 2 hours needed too.

Beijing to Hulunbuir

Beijing offers some direct flights to Hulunbuir Dongshan Airport in Hailar and also to Manzhouli Xijiao Airport. 2.5 hours is needed usually!

Harbin to Hulunbuir

Direct flights are available from Harbin to Hailar and Manzhouli, which takes about 1.5 hours usually.

Travel Around Hulunbuir

To go to Hulunbuir Grassland, visitors usually transfer from Hailar which is actually built on the vast grassland. The most popular and beautiful part of Hulunbuir Grassland is around Morigele River. From Hailar, it usually needs about 1 hour by car. Besides, to discover top attractions and highlights in Hailar, Ergun (Shiwei, Enhe...), Genhe, Manzhouli, etc. in Huilunbuir, the most convenient way is to go with a private car transfer service or by a hiring car. Check the detailed driving distance and time at below for reference:

Check more about How to Get to & Around Hulunbuir

From - ToDriving Time Driving Distance
Hailar - Erguna Wetland 2 hours 130 km
Hailar - Manzhouli2.5-3 hours 200 km
Hailar - Arxan Mountain3 hours 200 km
Erguna Wetland - Shiwei2.5 hours 155 km
Erguna Wetland - Aoluguya Reindeer Village2 hours 130 km
Shiwei - Moerdaoga Forest Park 1.5 hours 75 km

Hulunbuir Accommodation & Where to Stay in & around Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Hotels

Hulunbuir provides various levels and types of accommodation for your exploration of this large and beautiful place, from luxury honored brand, international brand chain to budget hostels, themed Mukeden houses and Mongolian yurts, etc. Usually there are five major areas to stay in Hulunbuir. Usually, Hailar downtown offers and best and most hotels for your convenient transfer and easy choice. Tribes on Hulunbuir Grassland like Golden Mongolian Tribe, Morigele River Tribe, Hongjila Tribe, etc. are popular for Mongolian yurts accommodation experience and get closer to the grassland view. Also, Ergun downtown has some good hotels for your discovery of the nearby Russian towns and wetland. And you can directly stay at the Mukeden houses in Shiwei and Enhe towns as well. While, the farther Genhe has special Cuoluozi for your fresh try and also many hotels of different levels. If you plan one night in Manzhouli, there are some themed luxury hotels for your Russian flavor enjoyment. Usually, hotel rates are the highest in July and August. Book your accommodation in advance!

Check more about Where to Stay in Hulunbuir

Useful Hulunbuir Maps

To help you have a better and clear understanding of the location, distribution, highlights and transfer information of Hulunbuir, we here collect the useful Hulunbuir China Map, Hulunbuir Grassland Map, Hulunbuir Attractions Map, etc. all maps are in English and downloadable for your travel! Check all latest Hulunbuir Maps 2024 | Manzhouli Maps 2024!

Hulunbuir China Map

Hulunbuir China Map

Hulunbuir Grasssland Inner Mongolia Map

Hulunbuir Grasssland Inner Mongolia Map

Hulunbuir Attractions Map

Hulunbuir Attractions Map

More Destinations in Inner Mongolia

Besides Hulunbuir and Ergun, there are also many other great places to visit in Inner Mongolia, such as Hohhot with rich Inner Mongolia ethnic and temple culture and history, Badain Jaran Desert with wild beauty and fun, Ejina with resplendent Populus euphratica forests, etc. Check to check the ultimate travel guide of the top popular destinations.

Other Popular Destinations in China

China is vast and diverse. You can choose your favorite destination among more than 70 tourist destinations and regions. The following are 4 popular destinations you may be interested in. Check all destinations in China.

Hulunbuir Map

Chinese Name: 呼伦贝尔

Chinese Pinyin: hū lún bèi ěr

English IPA: /'huː'luːn'beɪ'ɜː/

Population: 2,534 thousand

Language: Mandarin, Mongolian & Russian

Tel Code: 0470

Zip Code: 150700

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Hulunbuir Tour

Travelers usually plan 4-5 days to enjoy the best highlights of Hulunbuir including 2-3 days on Hulunbuir Grassland (Ergun Wetland, Heishantou, Morigele River, etc.) and the other around 2 days on Shiwei Russian Town, Aoluguya Reindeer Village and more in Hailar, Ergun, Genhe and Manzhouli area. If you want to skip Manzhouli (Matryoshka Square), about 4 days is enough to cover the most essence part of both south and north part of Hulunbuir.

Also, it is popular to enrich your trip to Arxan Mountain for another 2 days’ exploration of fairy UNESCO Geopark scenery, to Moerdaoga National Forest Park for another 1-2 days appreciation of Great Khingan nature wonders. Besides, you can also plan like a lot of visitors to extend your Inner Mongolia trip to Hohhot (1-2 hours) for more highlights of Inner Mongolia culture, Kubuqi Desert (1-2 days) for distinct nature admiration, Ordos (0.5-1 day) for Genghis Khan story exploration, etc. Furthermore, Badain Jaran Desert (2-3 days) with cool wild view and adventure fun, Erjina (2-4 days) with glorious golden Populus euphratica forests grand view, etc. are also quite popular to visit at least once!

Additionally, it is also a great idea to travel Hulunbuir and Inner Mongolia together with more popular destinations in China in one go to savor more and save more, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Silk Road, Yunnan, Tibet, Guilin, Hong Kong, etc. All our tour packages can be customized based on your own needs, interests and budget! And we China Discovery with rich experience has helped global visitors plan and customize their Inner Mongolia China trip for the past years. We are always here to help you to achieve your dream to the grassland, Inner Mongolia and the whole China. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need any help!

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