China High Speed Train Ticket Cancellation - Documents, Policy & Charges


The train ticket cancellation policy in China may be different from that in your country, so you may feel confused when you cannot cancel your China High Speed Train tickets. Don’t worry, the below details will give you everything about ticket cancellation and make you worry free about that.

China Train Ticket Cancellation Policy & Charges

On the premise of haven’t collect your online booked tickets and have more than 30 mins left before your train departure, you can simply cancel your tickets online. Other than this, you can only cancel your tickets at railway stations. All train stations in Mainland China are available for ticket cancellation.

When You Need to Make a Cancellation?

● When you want to change your departure or arrival city within 48 hours before departure

● When you want to delay your departure date within 48 hours before departure

● When you have other plan and you don’t want to take the train

When You Cannot Make a Cancellation?

● When you unfortunately missed your train

● When you lost your passport and cannot provide any valid documents before the departure time

● When you lost your paper ticket

Documents and Charges Required for Cancellation

Original valid passport(s) and paper ticket(s) are essential to cancel your train tickets. When you want to cancel tickets with the help of other people, you still need to give him your original passport. If not, he should take his original passport and copy of your passport together.

Order number (E+9 numbers) is a special requirement for online booked tickets when you want to make a cancellation at the ticket window.

How to Cancel China High Speed Train Tickets


How to Cancel China High Speed Train Tickets


1. If you have altered your departure time from within 15 days ahead to over 15 days ahead and then ask for a refund, 5% of the original fare will be charged too.

2. If your ticket has been changed after the train leaves, it cannot be refunded.

3. If your changed ticket is cheaper than your original ticket, the cancellation fee will base on your original ticket, not the new one.

4. If your changed departure date is within Spring Festival Travel Rush, 20% of the original fare will be charged even if it is over 24 hours before departure.

5. The minimum fee for refund is 2 yuan.

How to Cancel Train Ticket Online - Ask Your Agency for Help

Ask your agency for help if you want to cancel your tickets. For some agencies may do not accept cancellation or may ask extra cancellation fee, you’d better check that before booking.

How to Cancel at Ticket Window - Cancellation Windows (退票窗口)

You should queue in front of ticket cancellation windows (退票窗口) inside the ticket office (售票厅) of train stations. Always long queues in front of the counters there, especially during holidays. Give your documents and ticket to the staffs, and they will help you deal with the rest. If you paid by cash, you will get the cash back; if paid by bank account, the money will go back to your account. Most railway stations open 24 hours in a day, but there are a few ticket windows available after 11:00pm.

Only selected staffs in metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai MAY speak English, so you can show the below sentences when you encounter with some language barrier:

● English: Hello, I couldn’t find the ticket office, could you help me?

   Chinese: 你好!我找不到售票厅,可以帮下我吗?

● English: Hello, I want to cancel my train ticket, is this the correct line?


● English: Hello, I want to make a cancellation. Here are my passport and ticket, thank you!


If you have any other problems about how to cancel your train tickets, feel free to contact our professional travel expert for help.

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