China Exit Regulations

Outward passengers will go through three procedures when leaving China: Choose Channels – Customs Declaration – Customs Examination

Choose Channels

If outward passengers have nothing to declare, choose “Nothing to Declare Channel” (Green Channel), and they have carried articles which need to be declared, choose “Goods to Declare Channel” (Red Channel). Passengers can ask the Customs officers for or just choose the Red Channel if they are not certain about how to choose the right channels.

Custom Declaration

Outward passengers carrying out the following articles shall choose “Goods to Declare Channel”.

1.Camera, video camera, laptop computer or other trip necessities valued each at over RMB 5,000.

2.RMB 20,000 cash or above, or any other foreign currencies in cash equivalent to US $5,000 or above.

3.Cultural relics, endangered animals and plants and their products, biological species resource, gold, silver and other precious metals.

4.Goods of commercial value, samples, advertisements.

5.Radio transmitters, radio receivers, communication security equipment.

6.Other articles which are prohibited or restricted to bring out China in accordance with the law.


(1). Personal articles shall be limited to PERSONAL USE only and subject to RESONALBLE QUANTITY control. “Personal Use” means private use or as gifts to relatives or friends, but not for selling or lending. “Reasonable Quantity” means the normal quantities based on the travel purpose and the length of residing time.

(2). The above items will be dealt in accordance with the current regulations.

Customs Examination

The Customs will examine the personal articles carried by outward passengers and verify whether the Declaration Form is accurate or not, and if there are any prohibited goods. Then, according to the examination results and related regulations, the Customs will determine the levy, duty free, detention, withdrawal or release of the baggage.

Prohibited and Restricted Articles

In accordance with the law of China, the following articles are prohibited to bring out of China:

1.All articles enumerated as articles prohibited from importation. See details here.

2.Manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and video-tapes, compacts discs (video and audio), storage media for computers and other articles which involve state secrets.

3.Valuable cultural relics and other relics prohibited from Exportation.

4.Endangered and precious rare animals and plants (including their specimens), their seeds and reproducing materials.

In accordance with the law of China, the following articles are restricted bring out from China:

(1). Gold, silver and other precious metals and their products.

(2). National currencies.

(3). Foreign currencies and negotiable securities of foreign currency.

(4). Radio transceiver and communication security machines.

(5). Precious Chinese herbal medicines.

(6). General cultural relics.

(7). Other articles restricted bring out by the Customs.

Important Notice:

1. In the Customs control area of entry and exit ports, cellphone, camera, video camera and video equipment shall not be used.

2. Chinese Medicine

For Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese patent medicines, for each passenger, the value of the medicine shall be limited to RMB150 for those who travel to Hong Kong and Macao; for those who travel to the foreign countries, the value of the medicine shall be limited to RMB300. Remember: musk and toad are prohibited to bring out of China.

3. Endangered Animals & Plants

In addition to the above regulation about endangered animals and plants,

No individual can bring rhino horn and tiger bone out of China. Products which have the words of Rhino Horn and Tiger Bone marked on the packaging shall be treated as rhino horn and tiger bone.

It’s prohibited for individual to bring Asian ivory and its products out of China.

Chinese Medicine

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