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Ruins of the Church of St Paul
2 Days Hong Kong & Macau Highlights Tour (by Ferry)

Highlights: Half Day Escorted Tour in Hong Kong Plus One Full Day Trip in Macau, covering Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Stanley Market, Macau Casino, Ruins of the St. Paul Cathedral, A-Ma Temple

Hong Kong and Macau is with a close distance of about 60 kilometers in between with a ferry ride within 1 hour. Both of the two cities (Pearl of the Orient & Vegas of China) have many to offer with stunning views which are different from the mainland China. It will be a popular choice to arrive and explore in Hong Kong first and then take one-day round trip to Macau by ferry.

After sweeping the spectacular sights and sounds of incredible Hong Kong, you are going to have an unforgettable Macau day trip which touches on the unique UNESCO World Historical Heritage Sites and presents the spectacular culture of European settlement. There are as much as diverse experience for you - skyline, niho, culture, history, markets, temples, shopping, casinos and much more!

Senado Square
3 Days Hong Kong & Macau In-depth Cultural Tour

Highlights: One Full Day Escorted Tour in Hong Kong Plus One Full Day Trip in Macau, covering Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, Hong Kong History Museum, Nan Lian Garden, Macau Casino, Ruins of the St. Paul's, A-Ma Temple

Combine Hong Kong with Macau for an in-depth exploration of the stunning highlights and cultural heritages in 3 days! Picture Hong Kong and the first thing that springs to mind is its skyline: a condensed sprawl of skyscrapers soaring over Victoria Harbour, backdropped by verdant hills. Behind its urban exterior, however, is a region that remains deeply connected to and proud of its distinctive culture, which blends Chinese, British and indigenous influences. At the same time, Macau, known as “Vegas of China”, is indeed an epicenter of gambling and glitz. While, Macau has much more to offer than that. The inscribed Historic Center of Macau presents a group of 22 principal buildings and public spaces that enable a clear understanding of the structure of the old trading port city, providing a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, religious, architectural and technological influences from East and West. In 3 days, you will understanding the two special administrative regions of China better!

View Canton Tower in Daytime
3 Days Guangzhou Short Stay with All Highlights

Highlights: Canton Tower, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Cantonese Food

Guangzhou is a compatible city holding over 2200 years’ history, acting as the frontier of Chinese Reform and Opening, well-blended with Chinese and Western culture, as well as combining inland and marine culture...No matter which site you visit and what you feel should be "innovation", "practicability", "openness", and "pioneering spirit"! Why not go with China Discovery in the most classic way to "taste" Guangzhou?

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Victoria Harbor
1 Day Classic Hong Kong Tour

Highlights: Half Day Escorted Tour + Half Day Suggested Self-guided Itinerary
Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Fishing Village; (Self-guided Spots: Wong Tai Sin Temple, Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, Avenue of Stars)

Hong Kong may be internationally known for its unique combination of glitz, glamour and grittiness, while, there’s a lot more to the city than just beautiful buildings, rooftop bars and neon-drenched street eats. Whether you fancy some quiet moments far away from the bustling downtown to relax on the sandy beach, take a simple walk in a beautiful temple / garden with elegant design, or reach up the highest point of Hong Kong Island for a superlative panoramic view, you’ve never missed the chance in this itinerary. Covered with natural seaside scenery and interesting cultural exploration, you can fully seek for both the original and modern side of Hong Kong to know the splendid stories how Hong Kong turned from a fishing village into a world-class modern metropolis. You never miss any highlights when taking this tour - it is an overall, comprehensive way to see Hong Kong beyond your imagination.

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Splendid China Folk Village
3 Days Classic Shenzhen Tour

Highlights: Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping'an Finance Center, Lychee Park

This 3-day classic Shenzhen tour is designed for travelers to witness the fast change of Shenzhen from mostly fishing villages and small farms to modern metropolis by visiting Shenzhen Museum as well as having a bird’s eye view from Ping’an Finance Center to see amazing skyscrapers rising highly over the ground. Besides, Shenzhen has a lot to show off. It is not only a window of the world but also a window of China to see the whole China in just one place, taking you to travel from north to the south, from the west to the east, to see a Splendid China and meet its diverse ethnic minorities.

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Foshan Ancestral Temple Lion Dance
4 Days Foshan Culture Seeking with Guangzhou Must-sees

Highlights: Foshan Ancestral Hall, Lion Dance, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island

This 4-day Guangzhou and Foshan tour will take you to visit the real hometown of Martial Arts to have a full understanding of the world influential and Chinese proud martial arts, enjoy on-the-spot lion dance performance, thousand-year-old history of ceramics producing and overseas trading, excellent Lingnan architectural decorations, etc. of Foshan. Of course, you will visit the best highlighting places in Guangzhou to feel her unique Lingnan culture and analyze her gigantic change from an ancient capital city, to a treaty port, and to the metropolis status nowadays!

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Happy Hong Kong Disneyland
3 Days Hong Kong Disneyland Tour for Family with Kids

Highlights: Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak & Peak Tram, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Science Museum, Middle Road Children’s Playground

If you are visiting Hong Kong with kids, it is a fantastic choice to take them to Hong Kong Disneyland, the largest theme park in Hong Kong. With a whole host of Disney characters to meet, rides to enjoy, a Lion King show, the Fantasy Parade and fireworks, you and your kids are guaranteed a day of fun and much excitement with this Disneyland in Hong Kong experience. Besides great exploration in Hong Kong Disneyland, we’ve designed some kids-friendly activities into this Hong Kong tour including fresh things learning at museums (Science Museum, History Museum, or Space Museum), Peak Tram ride up to Victoria Peak, interesting Star Ferry journey across Victoria Harbor, or enjoy fun with local kids at the playground...I am sure you and your kids are going to “LOVE Hong Kong” with this trip at a suitable leisure pace!

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Macau

Panoramic View from Victoria Peak during Daytime
6 Days Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen Fusion Tour

Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Macau / Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen are closely situated in China’s Greater Bay Area, forming the golden triangle cities with western meets eastern culture. Spending 6 days in the core cities of Greater Bay Area in South China, you can truly feel "openness", "inclusiveness", "vitality", "potential", "strength of the city" to the fullest. The transportation for the three cities are quite convenient well linked by high speed train or ferry.

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Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou
8 Days Amazing Greater Bay Area Tour

Hong Kong / Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Macau / Hong Kong

What’s in your mind when talking about China’s Greater Bay Area? This area will become a world-class bay area, the next Silicon Valley and a united hub for economic growth, innovation, culture and living. You’ll first reach "Pearl of the Orient" - Hong Kong with distinctive culture which blends Chinese, British and indigenous influences. With a high speed train to Guangzhou, you’ll enter a land full of Lingnan culture where you can trace a history over 2200 years. Just across the Hong Kong border lies UNESCO-awarded city of design Shenzhen, a southern Chinese metropolis that has exploded in size since it became a Special Economic Zone in 1979. Known as “the Las Vegas of Asia”, Macau is best known for its gambling, but it’s beyond the casinos that you really start to discover this diverse city. No matter you are history lovers, culture seekers, foodies, architecture fans, shoppers, this tour will show you more.

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Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou
6 Days Hong Kong Guangzhou Macau Cultural Highlights Tour

Hong Kong / Guangzhou / Macau / Hong Kong

The Greater Bay Area, a region surrounding the Pearl River Delta in China’s southern-most province, is not only a vibrant world-class bay area for economy, technology and innovation, but also a bay area for cultural exchanges and leisure. Among all the cities, Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou are the top three destinations with abundant culture and amazing cultural experience. "One Rail Link, one Bridge" has well linked Hong Kong and Guangzhou with Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, Macau and Hong Kong with Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The three cities are closely linked with each other within 1 hour.

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