What to Pack for China Travel

First time to visit China and wonder what to pack before you go? Please just put your worry down. Below is the list for packing which is helpful to you. Besides, you could check your preparations with your professional travel consultants to make sure a comfortable China vacation.


Passports with necessary Visas;

● Appropriate luggage & luggage lock for zipper to secure (check Luggage Restriction on the bottom);

● Contact List, including address and telephone number of your tour agency, travel consultant, embassy, your family and friends, etc.

● International Airline tickets;

● Wallet & Credit Cards & Cell phone;

● Confirmation letter(sent by tour agency);

Passport packing for China Travel

Copy Materials

Just in case, copy some crucial materials can be really important if you lost the original ones. And you’d better prepare them well before you go rather than printing in the unknown place of China.

● Print out the confirmation letter and tour itinerary and bring one copy with you;

● Make a copy file of Passports, Visas and other travel documents and keep the originals and the copies separately;

● Make one copy of all your credit card numbers;

Packing Credit cards


● A handful of suitable seasonal clothes, especially made of synthetic fabrics, which are durable, wrinkle-resistant and quick to dry;

● Comfortable shoes for your various activities, like hiking, walking, cycling, etc.

● Hat, sunglasses and rain gear, depending on your travel destination and time of arrival. All they are necessities when you travel in Tibet region;

Clothes packing before visit China


● Camera, lense and its batteries and charger;

● Cellphone with charger and earpieces;

● Netbook or laptop;

● Electrical transformer,which is quite useful as China uses 220V electricity and 110V devices cannot be used on this system;

Electronics Packing

Other Suggestions

● First aid kit to deal with some emergency;

● Frequently-used medicines, like pain reliever, diarrhea and sickness, sleeping pills, allergy medicine and personal prescriptions;

● Personal staff, like earplugs & eye mask, toiletries, sleep sack, travel towel & Water bottle, are needed when you live in some simply constructed hotels or planned to overnight on train/coach;

● Mosquito repellent is needed in remote area of summer time;

● Zippered plastic bags, such a helper to keep small things;

● Small flashlight;

● Reading materials;

● Guide books and maps;

Travel Packing to China

Packing Notice

(1) Keep your valuables at home, such as expensive jewelry and watches;

(2) Bring different sizes of bags to make a classified packing: large bags for clothing and some rarely used stuff before stepping off the plane; small bag for frequently used stuff and carry with you.

(3) Change some money in small bills separately in advance to purchasing and tipping conveniently, since in some remote areas, credit cards are not available;

(4) Make sure your luggage still has spare space for gifts and souvenirs;

(5) Before packing, you should understand there are some luggage restrictions entering China by air. Varying from different airlines, the restrictions can be hard to tell one by one. The following is the related information of China International Airline:

Free baggage allowance: all passengers, taking international routes enjoy free two suitcases, (including checked and carry-on baggage) for first-class and business class passengers. Each baggage with the limit weight of 32 kg, and the sum of the trilateral (LWH) is no more than 158 cm.

For economy class passengers, each baggage of the two has the limit weight of 23 kg, and the sum of trilateral length is no more than 158 cm. By the way, Passengers with an infant ticket only can take one free baggage and the sum of trilateral length is no more than 115 cm, with another one free pushchair or cradle.

Over-weigh luggage: the excess amount will incur an additional charge reckoned by the number of luggage and its size, also depending on your class rank. If you plan to pack a lot, you can pay the check-in luggage together with your fight booking in advance. Or contact your airline to know more about the detailed rules.

Besides, some items are prohibited to carry or checked-in, including guns, controlled knives (daggers, knives with three edges, switchblades, etc.), inflammable and explosive articles (lighter, lighter gas, alcohol, paint, fireworks, etc.), corrosive materials, toxic goods and other dangerous goods. For more Prohibited and Restricted stuff, please check Entry Regulation.

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